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December 12, 1958     The Catholic Mirror
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December 12, 1958

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1We T H E M E S S E N G E R Friday, December 12, 1 ii ,1|1 ii r,i , THE MESSENGER I Official Des Moines issue of Tbe Register System of Catholic Newspapere I P-'--ublished Every Week by The Catholic P Soci~t'-~-"~ | Office of Publication: 93S Bannock Street, Denver 1. Colo. | Diocesan Buainees and Editorial Offices: 525 6th Avenue. I Des Moines. Iowa I President Most Roy Edward C+ Daly, O.P S.T.M | Editor and Business Manager Roy. Raymond J. Cooley | Addrese all communications for publicatlon to 525 6th Avenue. De~ Moines. Iowa: Phone CH. 4-6234 | Price of The Messenger, official Dee Moines issue of the Register Systew | of Catholi~ Newspapers (dated Friday) $3 per year. I Member Audit Bureau of Circulations | NOTICE: Send All Changes of Address to | 525 6th Ave. Des Moines 9, Iowa I ]~ntered ne Second Class Matter at Post Office. Denver, Colora~lo D pt Prtseriptiows,g +J I k Fountain ;orv e]1 g rAm GnOUND II " . PHAR1NIACY E. ~Oth ued Walnut 41 " ~" " p Phone AM. 6-3646 41 Dee Moinas 41 7tb end College Phone CH J~4616 Special Notice to Ladies! Visit us and save money on your beauty services. You will be glad you did. ========================================================================================= *~:** ~ *:*;*:~ Alteration Ill 11 ~' -23 ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: ::~::~;:: : Cleaning and Repair I/t ~ 3 HR. ODORLESS DRY CL[ NIN~ Ill bib & Forest ,+ +aces. P+ c, s++ Ill l'hone AT. 8-33,' ~ . ont+n r t Y (C " ned F am Page One) our Best De tion not to attend motion pic- VIC S TALLY'H0 ! tures that are harmful to them- .S selves or to their neighbors. RESTAURANT A afllllfl DI "Every Catholic recognizes that Christ's commandment tod::;u~:o: [M love one's neighbor as oneself Pou .nni commands of him that he not d only avoid films that are harm- Chev It ful to himself, but also that5601 Douglas,r e even if a morally damaging Phone CR. 7-2785 'lawns Finest film be no source of spiritual danger for himself, he nonethe- 1 lth & Locust AT 8: ~1 ~[#e +, r~. Eight Boy Scouts of Troop Reid, and Tom Pokorny. The troop is sponsored less refuse to see it precisely, -- --- Y'Ii Y'llllbll~ I~| 90 in Harlan received the by St. Michael's Church. " because it is dangerous to his ~ rv vvvv~,'v~r~r~ Ad Altare Dei Award on Nov. 20. The award Bishop Paul Hagarty, O.S.B, of the Bahama neighbor and especially youth," VICTORIA * Art & Engineering goes to Catholic Boy Scouts who have served a Islands, who was administering the sacrament the Bishop said. . Supplies required number of Masses and pass a test onlof Confirmation at Harlan, made the presen- While the untility of the Le- Cleaners Tailors Furriers their knowledge of the Mass. + I tations, gion's listings is widely recog- Commercial Statil Left to right, Eddie Hodapp, Steve Mores, Nick Buch is the troop scoutmaster, nized, there is some confusion MAIN OFFICE Office Furniture Tim Sellers, Billy Musich, Rudy Rosman, BobI regarding t h e i r obligatory 541 Sixth Ave. force. In answering the ques- Phone H 4-2545 * ,Social tion, "Does a Catholic have a Gifts Permanents by best known manufacturers, all duty in conscience to consult BRANCH reliably guaranteed, these listings?" Father Avery Hair*cutting. Hair-tint~tg. Hair*styling at 2704 Grand Ave. Des Moines special prices. Dulles, S.J commented in an Prompt courteous service. Open 9 A.M. to 5 P.M. Man, tbru Sat. Air-Conditioned. No appointment needed--Come in. I article in the June 2, 1956, is- CH 3-3362 Stationery Compo~ " re -' SUeof Decency fAmerica.issues "TheordersLegiOntono Cash am!urlveCarrYin ParKingf r Economy S0~ L t AI $.4 Iowa Schoolhi . Beaut Cultu ,:o.+ d F am Pae e Archb,sho J G b Wh th Y ( inue r g On ) " p ose art i y en e 23 prelates are one. It makes recommendations --- ~,z, ,~ ,~ ~ ~ z* ~z*,~ o,-1/+ w, c, Ph CH 4 6253 IRivera of Guadalajara, Mexico, raised to the Cardinalate Dec. that are designed to help the ~ . .+ "', omoV2--u,nu, Js. ." ~umu o~ u,e umu ~ucces~or to . . " individuattoformhisowncon-~~' ~ ~~+~'~:'~" St Peter for whom it is named I wfll be assigned the Church o~ ta- t~, mey wm +e otnclauy as- -: ~l Actuall it IS three churches' Sent Onofrio. The Church of signed their titular churches. In science about motion pictures. "rAv~a ~]~nRg l[ /'AC/'&I~E Y " ,ISan Lorenzo in Damaso is tradi- the days that follow, each will "Our recreation activities, I] one on top of the other It isltionally given the Chancellor of go to take solemn possession of such as seeing motion pictures, ~ O~:)er'] every night '~il Formica Cabinet lops-Plastic Wall Tile II - - " ' As-hat Rubber 1 11 . . o serveu ana maintained by thelthe Holy Roman Church, a post his church. Archbishops Cash-+are no exception to the general 9 p.m. (~r]d CsrDetin;I/ LaunDerers d~ Irish Dominicans. Ivacant at present, ing and O'Hara will take pos-'principle that before we per- $' "reEf |SUMAtra" II n ~"1 session of the churches Dec. i thet[f rm weWearemUStnot assUrecommittingOUrselveSsin. sa l/ +L,y I . I Whether a Cardinal lives lf. 7") nOOn tO 7, # ,re s, + //2 II t3Ol GranaCH3 ,8, I' I Rome or thousands of milesIUnder pain of mortal sin, one '~ I ~l ~ ~L, W W 1 11:7 W~ i~ I away, his titular church is a is obliged to abstain from un- | ~411mll~ffm~l~ ~ 1| PRESCRIPTIONS 11 Des Moines Diocesan Council [ pers nal tie binding h!m t the necessarily taking a seri USof venial sin, one is bound not ~/ ~ ~~/~/~ Carmod Electr|c ~O. Or~lnaib Filled at MRS oty of the Popes Th~s church risk Of mortal sin. Under pain :~ y KENNETH LOVELY, PRESIDENT " is his own, much as a Cathedral " 115 III l~Jl l~JlllqllPfflll~ I,is the church of a Bishop in a BII r CARMODY 11 [ [ ~ ~ to expose himself unnecessar- ? Phone CR 9 0 l - Ill ~ [ The Vigil of Christmas [scene, that should be given the diocese, lily to a moderate risk of mortal l License0 & bonded in Des Moines & Ill llp - e i ' - Isin, or a serious risk of venial tree most promment place An overly Mall Cardmals I West Des Moines III The decorating of the y ,5-'8 9th St. West Des Moines Ill Mars Ceuve~|tmtly REFILLEn and setting up the crib can be elaborate tree andthe crib set /~#.~tt~r~9 (?h,reh~. sin. ,~/ I~" -'a very festive family oroject /in second best place can give "~,"'~,~:~-~:~"o~,;~n "There is also the duty to ~ -- . ~ : - - - ", ~ look out for the spiritual good Finer uuaies lI~I~lII~Ill~II~Jl~II~llII~Il~Jlth~I~lg~lI~Il~II~I]lII~Il~iI~I~lII~ll~I~l~I~l~II~ll!I~ll~I~ll~iI~.Fam~ms hwng close to the children a wrong sense of value, on extensive restorations in ~! ,lair tit TUI" lllklllCllAll/ ~ spirit of the liturgical season Blessing of the Cribtheir titular churches. Cardinal of others. The general moral ~, Giftware l Cards l Stationery norms regarding co-operation, ~ Park Fair--2nd & Euclid Phone AT 8-665 + ,: r n, u + - never set up the tree and other S"ellman New York has been plicable to motion picture at- ~~~~4~:~~"~""~' " ~'~-""~"~ m "~ ~ wnue tne ~amiiygathersv, advice, and exampleare ap-i -~- -:, -: ~- [] decorations ahead of time They m x " " around the ri the patron of reward" g e cava- g .~ - ~. [] ~- . ~= c b the father of the . . will not want to spoil the last ~.~ V~llr glro~lfleo u+-ds At- . famil-rea tens beneath h,s Church of Sts --~" = tendance. To give bad advice or i uvl .vvu vI. ~ vv -Ilovelv dav~ of Advent In~tpnd y US gne solemn precis- . ." -- ~ -- -- ~l " " ' ms'i-- -- -- .~- - . donn anu k'aul. J~oston s late ~- -- -- --m, m. -- --" -=llthey attune their life to the from Uthe~,~,~, -- ,~y,tnu~. ~ne J~Irtana 't-~nr+tst Cardinal William O'Connell los-tallybad examplesinful, ifCangiveneVendeliberate-[be mor-i ~---"--'~ = ~ l,1:31 T-W ~ JIt L~ l-~tJl~ Jl~ O I~ i]rhythm of Mother Church and ' tered archaeological diggings J~or toe Dlesslng tile IOllOwlng INKIt~II I~,|JL" I''ll~l~l~ki~ ~ J~|~kl- ~: nrenare well so they will enio- " " - -. ,~h.~.+. ,~ ~o, m~ ly and with the full realiza-i ==- [] prayer can oe useD: unuer ms " tion-that it is likely to lead[ [] 312 Wolnut - We Deliver - AT 8-0148 ~/the 12 full days of Chmstmas. monte. another into mortal sin. ~[lIi~ll~II~l~IIJ~M~J~I~Ill$~ll~H~I~'~1~1M~l`~l~l~I~Jl!'!!'lHMl~l~J~J~[H'J~I~HI1HI~][] deO:r:h3geoV~ t~fe Cp:~s~as thc3 TFATHE:igBlyeS~o~,etbese:ch geCa~d~nal ay~ntY~t~laLO:huAc~ "The morality of motmn pic-i ture attendance is complicatedI FUNERAL ~OM~ (he sprinkles ~t with holy water) I~opportunity for the mother to " ," ",St. Anastasias. It is beautifully by the necessity of formingI [[ ~~:+. [[[explain its symbolism to the wmcn we nave lP.repareo in preserved and was once part of one's conscience in advance, be-[ "'To Serve You'" [[ohildr~n Tn modi+a~r~l d~, th~ nonor o~ me new mrm m ~Iesn Roman Palace of the fore actually entering the the-] il F'AI nWl l I HI ILId I the of Thine only begotten Son, that Em erors H ~ ~rltLl~g~La'lb--I~|~|l~|! H/evergreen tree was used in a P ",ater. It would not be enoughi Dial Ctt 4-5555 " 15th and Hii all woo uevoutly contemplate m Throu h the interest of the [] ~~~ ~ [I~ [[ [Mystery play about the Garden : - -- g " to resolve to leave in case you] II l~ ~t t~,~v, ,+e ** ~ v II/~f P~r~di~o the tr+~++ hnna with t:nls zmage me mystery at 1-115 U S Paulist Fathers andthe -- ~ "* found yourself tempted. By thatI H /~l-~nd COnsiderate [[[~nnl, ~na r,n] tad th, ~11 Incarnation, may be filled with Catholic Americans who attend time you would already have, :::==================================== /o~/~lam"an~ve'.+ the light of His Glory. Who lives it as their national church, incurred a serious danger ofi tl l~ Service HI and reigns with Thee forever Santa Susanna's has been re- ~nese plays were oannea oy nd ever . interiorly yielding to tempta-J II l +l II/ h a . stored to its Renaissance bri1- me tmurcn ana ira(many ~ e tion, and the seeds of futureI / g PP ~ . . 4336 Douglas Ave. : tree, be an to a ear in the ALL" Amen liance. [NCWC Radio and Fire[ temptations would already be l |homes at Christmas time and ~II s II ~ ~ .~I ~mplantedin your soul.In I II at become a symbol of Christ, the with P ~ practice, reasonably ing that therefore, the sure picture before one will must attend- not be 3~ . YOU can help the true tree of Life. In some places t, tarmaa ~rou amers Ou Douglas Beaver I CT UIMt' MT J, DAHI CTflD I/they were hung wafers, re- .~, s " -- BL 5-3718 I Vl|l~LIl/ U~; r/~UL tVI E Irpresenting the Holy Eucharist. ~r~j~fC, ~/~r I.IncntfnltTlad be a source of temptation. ~/~1~--I~, Phone [ by contributing your CAST errs. Clothing, []But the original meaning ,of Ik~l III,~I IVl J lV~lP~ ~ ~e B ~8 "For the Catholic, the Legion Toys For Every One I shoes, furniture,household equipment. I/these uecorations is obscure to- -- is the most obvious source from 1008 l0 West 9th St Phone AT 2-5776 day The wafers have given - DD rtun" ~ t an~ assistance now will [ - [[ Clarlnda.--An o o It to tha which to obtain authentic moral ! |away to all kinds of little pas- participate in the tradition of again be gratefully appreciated guidance; its recommendations Good Parking Open Evenings till 9 trees cut in shapes of stars, bells, # Brown Weston Electrical Contractors " " providing Christmas gifts for by the patients and the mem- have particular weight." ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: ::::::::: : :> //angels, etc. all of the Catholic patients in bers. ------ THOUSA.DS MORE EVERY ! ) z~r.o~.~M ~vr~t~ ~+r~ ~] The apples have been replaced the Mental Health Institute is All wishing to participate in[ wr.DIUI'4 Ll~llllIl'dti LU. wzth glass balls that bear only beln shared with all of the die II." " g " ' "this opportunity to brighten thel VAL ,lewes Largeet Lightingl.:o. ,/siignt resemmance ~;o *ruIL cese bythe St. Dymphna Sect-lives of those in the institute ,1%,~ LANES I Complete Applsance Dept The candles which signified et of St Clare's Pamsh The " " " I/ " Y " may send their contribution in. I ~'~on t~r ai~l f i~fica: :: 111 o~Gr~n,d &~ve'-r s| ts rue rOnDos ~ Moth,+e, t*.a" ~ r, I' |Christ' the Light f the w rIu greater number f patients be" care f the Rev" Eugene Klein' ] ~Jhaveelectric.beenlights, . set anoamde! mucnf r ozSaferme form" g treatedthls, heartthis- warYearm'lnmakesg gesthelPure indaPaSt r'Ia St. Clare's Church, Clar- BOWI. ] J. D. g'Goeslll P" "s"?]i u" "" a'ss" "R'mA riginal meaning has been 1 st" m re imperative than ever"h I a ' [-g IOO Spencer & Anderson I WALNU/ UKU~ But rlch" as the tree ~S" "In sym- More than 200 gift packages bolism, the tree is still only the were distributed last year. uelonlyS UI Neoln Upholstering . Refinishing II ' PRESCRIPTI()NS background for the Bethlehem t D-m-h " . -- [ Ashworth Rd ~ ] O. y p lia, wIlo~e lIl urces" [ West ~ / Re airtn Fur tare She E 16th and Walnut Note 50th Jubllee P g " " P [[ ,4 -- sion is sought for those suffer- I Des Moines ~ ] I~B HardlnI Road I Ing from nervous and mental " "" "" " arochial 'ea-ues " "~ " " --~ --" ir in mart red ~eoia-- vtr ana mrs ,mark DesMoinae lowe Phone CH. 4-SSI2[| lll lld"+n~al~l msoruers was a v g y . ' . " . ~ " ' ---- ~. u. m ~t~ieBme for her faith at the hands of ueianty o~ ~eoia ooserveu meIr golden wedding anniversary ~ =m, r~'~,m, ~ .~ m~ ~== General Aeent her deranged father. She is ~. city Parochial League Standings: I~IIII~[IIIII~II'II~ +" patroness of this group of par-~ec''" we. ,o, ARE 1.1~l[i~l IbJ liffl~L.l~ american iVmEUm lme ish women dedicated to chart- The Delantys were married All Saints No. 1 2,41/28V2 St. Pius No. 2 24 9 PhImbing & llealing Co. Insurance Company table contact with Catholic pa- Dec. 2, 1908, at Onawa. They st. Anthony's : 23 10 LLOYD & PAUL KORDICK, Owners ~18 Liberty Bldg. Phone 30143 tients in the state-operated has- farmed in the Neola community Christ the King No. 1 = 17 10 Visitation No. 2 101/213;/2 Featuring Crane Fixtures and Fairbanks Morse Pumps Phone AT 8-8531 4210 2nd Ave. Dee Moines, Iowa ewing Machine -- DEMONSTRATOR pital. Except for this small or- ganization, many patients would receive no special personal re- membrance on Christmas. The funds that the St. 1958 DELUXE 20 yr. worronty. Dymphna Society has been able Full size ROUND BOBBIN, sews forward, reverse NOW AVAILABLE--COMPLETE to raise are inadequate to corn- over pins, darns. KIT Includes pine frame finished plete this generous expanding Full price $38. $1 dn. $4 me. in Maple--4 candles--ever- project. This year, as in the green -- hanging cord -- in- past, the members appeal to BAKER SEWING MACHINE structions and prayers for IS52 E. Grand AM 2-3167 using parish groups and individuals i i Greatly aids family devotion throuhgout the Diocese of Des for Advent. Moines to assist with donations UL FA tLE I'S I UPER Keep ]or years to come. project f money in order to make thea success. $2.50 Postpaid Each year, the society pre- 2809 Forest Ave. MICHAELS pares boxes containing identical gifts of candy, fruit, and other Wonderful U.S. Choice "~07 S. Temple Osceola, Iowa items that contribute to the joy of the patient on Christmas. Across From Drake Stadium i * POINSETTIAS * ROSES i CORSAGES * CUT FLOWERS " H0.0 +I "+-"---+ +I City-Wide Delivery Service +I + FLOWERS Br ANTHONY +tel i SAVE OR IN Tender and thoughtful prepara- B Y M A,t tion and wrapping of the many boxes is an exacting and time- consuming task. The reaction of P E R S ~J N the patients as the gifts are dis- tributed has kept the small or- ganization promoting this work year after year. The society is grateful for the response to its appeals in the past and assures all donors Current Rate ON SAVINGS 519 Sisth Avenue Des Moines, iowa Aeress the street from St. Ambrose Cathedral all their married life until re- Christ the King No. 2 16 11 'tiring in 1948 and movingto st. Pius No. 1 19 ]4 All Saints No. 3 .:. 18 15 town. Visitation No. 1 16 17 St. John's 15 18 Mr. Delanty is 79; his wife Dowling Priests 1311/2 ]81/2 is 73. Visitation No. 3 14 19 All Saints No. 2 '.12 21 The couple has two sons, visitation No. 4 7V2 251/2 George of Crescent and Harold High Individuals 3 Games Series-Stefani Christ the King No. 1--603. ! who now lives on the home High Individual Game--Tom Cataldo, St.i place. They alsohave nine Anthony's--234. grandchildren, st. Therese's League Standings: Won Lost -- George Chili King 23 16 Choir Will Present Chi.on Roy + ~ ,o Chuck's Pizza 23 16 Hollywood Cleaners ~22 17 TV Show on Deca 12 ~oo+eva, s+ v u 21 18 Hires 20 19 t Drewry's 13 26 Richard's Pharmacy : 11 28 Des Moines.--On Fr'day, Dec. High Individual 3 Games Sorios-495-M. 12, KRNT-TV's Bill Riley Time Tazzi01i. (12 noon) will feature the St. High Individual Games Score-192--M. Joseph Academy Choir directed Tazzioli. by Sister Frances Regis. On this noon show the choir will sing the following numbers: "It Is Truly Meet and Just" and "Silent Night" by Mainville. These two numbers are from a Christmas cantata entitled "A Christmas Triptych." Handel's "Hallelujah Chorus" from the oratorio "The Messiah" will also be featured on the program. NOTICE TO SUBSCRIBERS Postal regulations now put on the individual subscriber the duty of notifying the publisher of change in address. If you move, please clip the following term, fill in the information, and mail to us: NAME ' (As it appears on address label) PRESENT ADDRESS (STREET OR RFD) (If on rural delivery, give route and box numbers) POST OFFICE NEW ADDRESS (STREET OR RFD) (If on rural route, give route and box numbers) POST OFFICE Dal~ McIlhon Director DUNN'S Funeral Home SOUTtt SIDE Funeral Home 5400 S.W. 9th at Kenyon THE GOODNESS LARRY ESTES BOB MYERS Furnishings--lst Floor Furnishings--lst Floor HARRY EORIATTI Clothing-2nd Floor WALTER McMANU$ Clothing-2nd Floor Two more weeks (but that's plenty) for us to you 9et reedy for your Best Dressed ChristmO ' PARISH Marl to THE MESSENGER, 525 6th Ave Des Moines 9, Iowa