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December 12, 1958     The Catholic Mirror
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December 12, 1958

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PAGE FOUR T H E M E S S E N G E R Fr|day, December 12, How Thomas Embellished Christmas The approach of Christmas makes timely a of the human race, which was to be effected by review of the interesting story St. Thomas Christ, announced through an angel, for a fallen Aquinas tells about how the Messias came into angel was the first cause of perdition, in the the world With his genius for tempting of Eve. The Annunciation by an angel applying reason and philosophy befitted the virginity of God's Mother, because to divine revelation, the An- virginity is always akin to the angels. Another gelic Doctor added zestful ideas reason for having Gabriel bring the news to to the Nativity account; rather Mary is that the Blessed Virgin was not under he brought to light glorious man's power of propagation, for she conceived facts that lay partially hidden Christ in her spotless womb by the Holy Spirit. in the simple Gospel story.It was fitting that the angel appeared to Mary in a bodily vision, for he came to announce When Gabriel announced to the Incarnation of the invisible God; hence it was the Virgin that she was to be becoming that, in order to make this known, an the Mother of God, she was invisible creature should assume a form in which able to offer to him the free he appeared visibly. Another reason is that the gift of her obedience She proved herself willing Blessed Virgin was to receive the Son of God to do this with the words: "Behold the hand- not only in her mind, but in her bodily womb, maid of the Lord." There is a certain spiritual and it behooved not only her mind but also wedding between the Son of God and human her bodily senses to be refreshed by the angelic nature Hence in the Annunciation the Virgin's vision. A third reason for the vision is that we consent was sought in behalf of the entire hu- apprehend with greater certainty what is before man race. our eyes than what is in our imagination. To Recite a g on TRY IT ON YOUR family or friends Before Mass ask them, "Isn't today Legion of Decency Sunday?" Like as not, they will chorus, "What's that?" After Mass ask them: "Who are the members of the Legion of Decency?" If your home is one where t h e Legion list counts week by w e e k ,uV;n"" .-nav;a," r--Pro"%* David, the humble shepherd boy through the year, your young- who became king, was brought sters likely will remind you And Type of Messias to court as a youth to play the that you just got through say- harp and sooth the troubled ing in church, "As a member spirit of King Saul. Later with the harp he was to compose many of the Legion of Decency I Why Angel Made Concept/on Attributed Annunciation To Holy Spirit It was fitting that an angel should make the The conception of Christ occurred at the of the Psalms that had a prominent part in the worship of the pledge myself to remain away Annunciation, for in the order established by Annunciation. The whole Trinity accomplished Temple. from films that are danger- God divine things are brought to men by means the conception of Christ's body, as well as all Some of the Psalms are Messianic, prophecies about the ous to my moral life." of the angels. It was wise to have the restoration In itor (Turn toPage5 ~Column3) Savior to come, and are referred to frequently in the New All who took the pledge are Testament He foretold the suffering, the persecution, and the members. If the Legion were I triumphant deliverance of Christ, as well as the prerogatives to charge them dues, they SSU~ conferred upon Him by the Father. would know it for sure! David himself has always been regarded as a type of Jesus. An ancestor of the Messias, the King of Justice, David was a A True Promise king according to God's own heart. His qualities and his very Unfortunately not all Cath- He cites a long-time professor of American name are attributed to the Messias. Bethlehem is the birthplace olics who recite this pledge, history at Columbia University, Allan Nevins, of both, and the shepherd life of David points to Christ, the Good think, know, or care enough who speaks of racial intermixture as "inexora- Shepherd. When the king fell into serious sin, he did penance, about what they solemnly ble," "irresistible," "inevitable." Such careless Christ was sinless.--(Picture adopted by Leo Canavan, art promise, "In the Name of the talk does unutterable harm to the cause of editor) Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost " For many the "Amen" is the end of it all. Actually they promise God they will do all they can "to strengthen p u b 1 i c opinion O good race relations. O. (2io "As an historian," Nevins is quoted, "I do c~ut~#l~co not for a moment believe that, in our mighty American river of many nationalities, two cur- rents can flow side by side down the centuries By PAUL H. HALLETT David Lawrence, editor of U. S. News and World Report, is one of the great American editors. His weekly columns and widely cir- culated magazine generally show thought, in- formation, and a sense of fairness. His maga- zine frequently quotes Catholic statements. In an editorial replying to the U.S. Bishops' pronouncement on segregation, howe/,er, he manifested one of the weaknesses of his maga- zine, an undue attention to racial susceptibil- ;on By William H. less apathy an d ignorance about the Legion of Decency. If the pledge were kept by a sizable percentage of those taking it, m o v i e morality would soon take the upswing Some g o - a h e a d parishes nowadays make some commit- tee or someone responsible through the year for getting the titles of all movies play- ing or due to play in 1 o c a 1 theaters. These are posted in the church vestibules, parish hall, and schools, together with the applicable Legion ratings. Where a film is "morally objectionable for all," the Le- gion's reason for objecting is stated, so that thinking people do not feel they are being "led by the nose " Unfortunately it seems that too few parishes give the Le- gion list "the full treatment " When the pledge is taken, m a n y congregations hear a general tirade against t h e wickedness of movies or are coldly invited to "please stand and recite after me HOLLYWOOD Helen Hayes as Mother Superior Following my lament week that the TV sch promise precious keep Christ in CBS-TV announces Hayes will star in Rose for Christmas, by Leonard Moran novelette by Paul Miss Hayes will Reverend Mother head of a Catholic little girls She "has cold to the children of the burden of her says a CBS press After one disturbed starts a fire in which is killed, Mother "faces a severe test struggles to feel for You might like to and then give CBS-TV United States Steel your ions. It plays on U.S.: Hour Wednesday, Dec. on By Rev. Francis S RARELY IS THE MOOD of the Church so unmistakable as on the Third Sunday of Advent Here, midway in the Advent sea- son, the lit- Too many men much effort to live for time and not enough to live forever. "What profit a man if he whole world and ities, without ultimately becoming one." By Em'l S. Coverdale, |r. against the production of in- decent and immoral films" urgy make a loss of his soul?" After conceding that the statement of the Why not~. The Jews have kept their" na- The recent interest of recently learned to prepare and that they will "unite with d e f i n i t e does earthly life really Bishops displays a spirit of tolerance, and tional tradition in America as elsewhere and American males in cooking is sauerkraut and Polish sau- all who protest against them." break and an- Only an mstant in the f! that they made ~ powerful brief on the theory give no signs of losing their identity as a interesting. Its effect is seen They acknowledge an t~eipates the eternity. , . sage in an electric frying pan. "obligation to form a right ~nmstmas joy As we get ready fort or race cquality, Lawrence finds fault with race In Canada the French descended work ta almost everywherefrom - " ",After six days of sauerkraut" " icturest h a t i s t o mas, the Church woulO the Hierarchy for not taking a stand on the ether with the En IPh de ~ 1 ~.~ daddy s preparation of back- g g ~ - u conscience a b o u t p . . 1 c yarn varoecuea namourgers question of interracial mart age their own Inn ua and sausage--breakfast, din- ,h=t ,~ ~ v endanger theircome. us ueveiop a strong a~ g ge, customs, ann traaltlons, in - to me ramer eiavorate par- her, and supper--Friday glo- moral"hves They "'promise,T h i s Sun- ture Christianity, bull The Bishops did not need to mention that Euro-e nationaliti ,p es ann classes uve sine Dy sine tirin-"^- :- "- -""---" ~f~ further to" stay away alto- day, known faith, hope, and love, a ~ ~-~L,u,~ cm,uar riously dawned when we could gether 'from pl:es of amuse- aSndGaude:e that looks beyond the ol question, since it does not involve a promem for centuries with n li P" ~ " e m few mrermar- g g Y by many affluent executives. of morality They were concerned with the - vary the menu by nibbling on moral principles" of race relations They showed rlages. Even in BrazlI and the Portuguese col- Man s newly found interest cheese and dried herring! ment that show them (mor- S y, shortcomings and tria . omes of Africa racial mtermarnages are not m the field seems to know no ally danuerous nro~rams) as a the opening word of me m- this life to the life we that enforced segregation cannot be reconcded . A priest from the city who 1 "Re " ~',~,~ ,~F ,~v,trait and of the Eplst e, - to live forever. now so common as many sur~r~ose, bounds of age or occupation. with Christian charity, since it always implies ~-~- For most it is an interestin~ has recently been confronted "How ~ean~*an~yone keep a joice," lsalso known as Rose For too many of us the a stigma and in practice is inseparable from There is nothing "inexorable," "irresistible," hobby, if somewhat messy for with this problem has offered pledge like this without regu- Sunday, ~eeause. or ~ne u~thing might be said tha* injustices, or "inevitable" in racial amalgamation, Nevins the official keeper of theto lend his not inconsiderable larly consulting the Legion tinetive rose vestments, the Baptist spoke to tJ The Bishops did not deal with the question to the contrary notwithstanding. The perpetua- kitchen. But for some it is writing talent to provide a classifications, Catholic re- only today and on the fourth fieial delegation that .' of racial intermarriage because that was not tion of race and group identities is altogether more than a vital necessity, column for the Messenger to views, and in general keeping Sunday of Lent, Laetare Sun- his credentials: "Ther~ necessary. Lawrence makes entirely too much consistent with the pluralism of America and My Dominican brother, Fa- be called "Helpful Hints for ati n ther Thaddeus, serving in Hurried Housekeepers Hinter- on his toes as to shows that day. stood one in the midst of the issue, the absence of segreg "o . " " land Clergy?' are morally fit to see and The Church here deliber-whom you do not know. rural mission areas without t2~l l.: -- O/YI -- :~ /97,' !, benefit of housekeeper, has He would like to do thisothers that are not? ately modifies the penitential He Is Near Some who fancy themselves color of violet and uses the II( g,f,tr~U~ IILCgJU~. ~ (/JJ.x.r~,been forced to learn some- immediately but that as he," a cam romise ~nrlst is wire me wo, - - -- -- - thing about how to cook. Des- says his recent attempt to pre- among the smart set argue softer rose as P. . day just as truly as I~ that they neither understand between penance ann joy pitt the completeness of an pare brown 'n serve rolls pro- nor sympath!ze with the Le- Flowers are permitted on the amt nng ~ne ~WSchHen~ Loneliness 5 ows Inner Poverty extended seminary education, vided something "cooked up gion and so do not take the altar and organ music is al- ~ By Msgr. Irvin A. DeBlane this phase was overlooked, to a mortar finish with a,memoers, PUt stm nv pledge Thls does not let lowed In every way we are rec nized b m n eV The fact that he has sur- damp glob in the center" them out, although they may given to know that there is soCTwho Ght o?no THERE IS A LONELINESS alone. A social for those living too old to join a youth dub Dived his own cooking has so This experience indicated to think" it" does. cause for joy. And we, with h^-*~. beyond our control, as when alone may also be opportune and too young to qualify for surprised and elated him that him that further research may . the Church, ought to take note ~ a loved one dies or when bad in many parishes. Existing or- the old folks' club. In these he insists on preparing atbe needed. I am sending a~ Natural Law Obliges of the change and reflect it,Today the emphas~s health strikes deeply. If we ganizations in larger cities large cities, mixed clubs are least one meal whenever hecookbook to aid in that re- The natural law ~tsef in our own sentiments of ing'ustl~at the Lord is Cl allow either to remain and to could set aside one evening a especially popular where in- visits us The children have search. I have long since been obliges each of us to avoid worship. fester, a crippling ache of week when a person might nocent single folk do not be- been wonderfully co-operative convinced that it cannot over- exposing himself to dangers,L ~ . na now we are told that - -- "~ L -ion of ,-o,~ ovyu u near /,xnu l-le is neaz. 1 o n e I i ne s s just drop in to meet othercome easy prey to circum- in not reaching for the biear- come my inepitude in the o~ moral harm. xne eg " - Decency classifications addi For some it may seem even in our hearts, I! b e c o m e s ~~ people and have a cup of col- stances, bonate until after he retires kitchen. chronic a n d ~! ~!!~: fee in a friendly atmosphere. In still other cities there aglow with accomplishmentBooks for Christmas n o t h i n g except weli-con- strange that the Church kingdom of God is witJ disastrous. ~ii!ii ~i~It is not necessary alwaysare the "Good Companion and our compliments, sidered information, by ec- should put so much emphasis when we are in the stl L o n g con- :~i~:~ to enter into a strictly reli- Clubs or the "Happy FriendsThis trend toward male One way to combat the in- clesiastical appointees of our on the notion of rejoicing, sanctifying grace. tinued lane- ii~:~~:~~:~i~glans or educational project. Social Club." One t bin g is cookery hasn't been altogether fluence of indecent movies is Bishops, as to where harmful something they usua!ly asso-We have every rea~ liness a f t e r i~i ii:~ Nor must members always besure. The atmosphere is kept successful. There are ,some to avoid them as we will occasions arise clare wire ~reeuom zrom re- rejoice, for the kinga' bereavement i~~ "doing something" or be pre- gay, attractive, relaxed, whose talents just don t lie again promise to do when we In lively, Up-to-date par-sponsibfl~ty and obliogat~::e God is the foundat~ is a I s o a ~ sented with strict, ready made happy, and inviting, in that direction. Or the ne- take the Legion of Decencyishes where nastors are inter- Actuauy, most w Christian optimism. mark of m- ~~ programs. We have a genius in this cessity for acquiring ability pledge in church this Sunday. ested' in the L e gin n ofsupernatural reasons for re- person in the state of ner poverty. !~l~lllll ,-re L v . L country for satisfying anyin that art is thrust uponAnother way is to patronize Decency and understand some- joicing fail if they fin no.t can know t.rue joy. A~ .nu .cu DruaK~rs . Thrown on ~ ~ . need once we rec an "~ them too quickly those movies that are good. thing about current movies, mamzest mls atutuae in melr joy here is me pieu in i " " 0~ lze 1~. our own re v tauons mzgnt be, sent The . . We should also purchase the annual'pledge usually is lives, eternal joy hereafter : alleviation of loneliness Witness the plight of the worthwhile papers, tonga- prefaced by an enlightening The Church tells us that we We as Christians, iiu!i!!t ex i~i~ adiabsrnam/;e ~s~er~o~funii!p~n tm~i~?in ~Su n;a;f the great needs of i~!is~r~:sts ~Suis~e::eparr~r:l zincs, and books, talk on Legion objectives and should rejoice even as she, ought to radiate joy. 11~ "g i " " " The chur " s just now painfully prog-The Legion of Decency lists how best to serve them by up- the spouse of Christ, rejoices, is not something soul ch and, in another indicate that there are many plying the terms of the pledge, because Christ, Our Brother, and distasteful. It is in : John Milton from the dark made in church ff the pastor sense the "arish water "urn" ressed to the point of being films of the A-1 CatoegOryIf this were general prac-is coming and through Him the joy that comes i~ loneliness of the blind brought thinks it wise,~" ~" P reasona~-i ," or . u y pru~tclen~ m Drew- ,ost weu wexe ~ renacz forth his Paradise L . An invitation in the press vous for th "- . " " ing instant coffee. He is not being produced. Especiallytice in every church across the we shall find our lasting with Christ now so t~ e .one,y z~ow we From the solitude of a prison is sometimes advisable. Too . . " ham~il impressive is the number, country, there soon would be home. . might live with Him~~ came John Bunyan's "Pfl- lax an invitation, however, meet m busses, in downtownfi~- ~a~nlti~c~pah~mg me vast quality, and attractiveness of ~. grim's Progress" These mencan attract undesirables In stores, anu in rang queues at ---i-once'~.:'~ ~ :"L~"-" the Catholic books on display " supermarkets ~c.~ ~ mu.m wur~- had inner braces, some cities this committee is . . " . . in~, "o with a ~ ~ --;o-' ;" ~ umc,-u in the stores that sell them. Time of Your Life also called "The Ice Breakers " OOVlOUSly our main modernMissouri A wonderful "as+^-- A few minutes browsing tore~gn missionary,In other cities - -" ; " ~' ~" comri~u[en when ne wrote, I . a msunct source, at unicy and love must an aecomphshed" and erudite among them will suggest By FATHER G~mv.t WARD H~T0m~ " " as Ion" as theclub crests for those who are be rediscovered in the Church man in man fields he had many positive steps in pro- am never lonely g Y , ar" Blessed Sacrament ~s ne . CALL mating this campaign. Freberg Goes on Record "In lieu of the law, there is information on the subje Mrs. Raymond Clapper had 3~ ~ C~ Wouldn't it ben good thing Stan Freberg is an enter-this record, which I hope may cently, I met a port~ ruiner For several years I have give some of my fellow toilers showed me his daily cow an inner brace when she lost -- if when we take the pledge awaited with pleasure each in the ,a,d vineyard pause for The Little Office of the her famous husband in a col- D mamas /r~,~ l--. 41 ~ .-- ~ ' Sunday we would also resolve a ~, ~o cut Car Canitol thought.' This is taken from virgin Mary. He admitS lision of bombers in 1944,II- |tdly |~[ L-~I[I~I J~,~r~l~r|c~n ~'oc~|ons to make Catholic books and : : :- ~/ " the jacket of the record and is ing the entire office thr, and said, I learned that B R~ subscriptions to CatholicAs of the moment ~ uo not re- ," y v. Bertrand J. Gnlnerieh magazines and newspapers member a single one that was signed by Stan. - "h r ea~h::[are other pers~ ~~~--~o~.Annnif~~iii!~i ~:iiiiiii~c~iiiii~i~~o~i!~ 'r'--our Christmas presents this not in good taste. He is a /~Jmost20years ago ~at.e] s~-" *h^ 15 m,steries year? Few things I know of master of satire with a candy- vehe o~ ~t. J~onlmce s ~'arisn, ~ ~ = ~ . can produce more lasting coating "of humor. His ideas Milwaukee, started the nation Rosary before turm ng, l~t mgnt ~ome woumn good and genuine apprecia *u 1, m.o ~,ood satire thinking when he began the :~,"~,~n"~'~"~Sc"ttl~al~l~, no one ~ets "Put Christ Back Into Christ- letting a day pass witho~ tion on the part of the recipi- h,rt mas campaign. It has achieved taming the Lord witla . " age of the merely because they are eared when you pray for vocations ent. "'-- ~tour ~'erna sou c, Yesteruay ~tan ~reDerg s = ' ~- " e Social Changes laity." for by resident ministers,for our Church here at home, ~---~? " s~lendidstan FrebergresultSis givingbUt nerhapsit its some'really worth-whflP y Mrs Josephine :Butler, who How true What isthe cause of suchat the same time you remem- Christmas recorn arrlveu; ~ todd i--,~*~ ~1 3 ,~h;ld, had this are the. words a situation9. A lack of priests, ber the difficulties" " " faced in ecoraSI gr h::~ get any .strange ?ecetY . "There are many for- that Plus XIIIn the Diocese of San Paolo far off lands and ra that Plla~ed ~tLS~eOn ~ould I~d p]~::tet ?t v,:k,s to saa,- . - p y a lorn hearts who need my spoke a little there are about 4,000,000 soon, yes soon, priestless lands "Green Christmas and the flip idea that Stun is going to ma~e ~na ~uirome :~ongl mother's love" Mrs. Butler more than a Catholics and 180 diocesanwill have their own pastors. ~;a^ io called "The Meanin~ of money on his contribution for :'.O,Com2 AiiYe Faith ~t ~xu~ ~ ~ . . . . . J.'~lgnl;" (victor), t-erry ~ !o then went on- to dedicate her year ago at priests, plus 600 religious In the meantime, please Christmas." ~t may not oe a commercm~ suc- Christmas The M e t h e Second order priests to care for them. whisper a prayer for those SUNDAY, DEC. 14-- Third The top side is a strong satire, cess. Most radio stations will Christmas" "'Silent Night" * and the "B" side is a presenta- not be able to play the record tar), Maria Lanza; "A life in homes for unmarried mothers. Mrs. Anna May Davis, after the death of her husband, collected objects pertaining to the Madonna with whom "she felt a kinship in sor- row." She thus enriched her own life and later gave pleas- ure to others Unfortunately the very dis- coveries that have made it pos- sible for men to live together in vast communities have also made it all too easy for the individual to sink into isola- tion and insignificance in the face of the monstrous, imper- sonal machine he has created. Plus XII spoke strongly against the depersonalization of our times. We might, then, start by inquiring into the machinery of our parochial activities to see whether they have adapted themselves suf- ficiently to the pace of life today. Neighborhood visiting should not be left to the clergy World C o n- gress of the Lay Aposto- late, "The consecration of the world depends on the laity." Just this past week I learned of another instance where the laity are stepping into the breach and making up for a scarcity of priests. I had as a visitor in the office one of the outstanding Scripture scholars of Brazil. Spare-Time Pastor He is from the Diocese of San Paolo, where he teaches Scripture in the seminary. He also is a canon of the Cath- edral, a judge on the Matri- monial Tribunal, and in his spare time is a voluntary pastor of about 40,000 souls who have no priest to care for them. To arrive at his spare-time parish, he must travel 4~ miles by three changes of bu~ and walk the last one and one-half miles up a mountain path. On the way he passes Loy People Respond This means that large areas are priestless. My visitor was high in his praise for the way the lay people are helping to keep the faith bright in the souls of these people. One interesting means used is that groups of trained laity journey into the priestless areas e a e h Sunday. They gather the faithful about them in the church and recite the Ho!y Mass prayers for the day. Afterward they gather adults and children about them for a study of the weekly Gospel and a period of cate- chism classes. During Holy Week they stay with the congregation and go through the entire Holy Week service. True, this may be consid- ered a poor substitute for the actual holy sacrifice of the Mass offered by a priest, but one must admit that this apos- tolic effort helps to keep the faith alive until these poor apostolic lay people who are doing their share "to restore all things in Christ." and Most people cannot stand prosperity but most people do not have to.~Oren Arnold The best test of a red-hot idea is how much heat it loses when cold water is thrown on it.~O. A. Battista, "Life in Quotable Form" Blessed are they who have nothing to say and cannot be persuaded to say it.--James " Russell Lowell * * $ There are still a few things you can get for a dollar-- nickels, dimes, quarters.-- Howie Lassetter O * $ What lies behind the hu- man race e a n n o t compare with the ones they are think- ing up now.--Ves~a M. Kelly Sunday of Advent. ("Gaudete" Sunday). Special Mass. Violet or Rose. No Gloria. Creed. Trinity Preface. MONDAY, DEC. l$~Week Day of Advenf. Mass of Third Sunday of Advent. Violet. No Gloria. Omit Alleluia Verse after Gradual. No Creed. Or- dlnary Preface. TUESDAY, DEC. 16---Week Day of Advent. Mass of Third Sunday of,Advent. Violet. (Votive-Requiem) No Gloria. Second Collect of Sf. Euse- bius. Omit Alleluia Verse after Gradual. No Creed. Ordi- nary Preface. WEDNESDAY, DEC. 17 --- Winter Ember Wednesday. (Fast and partial abstinence). Special Mass for this day. Violet. No Gloria or Creed. Ordinary Preface. THURSDAY, DEC. 18---Week day of Advent. Mass of Third Sunday of Advent. Violet. No Gloria. Omit Alleluia Verse after Gradual. NoCreed. Ordi- nary Preface FRIDAY, DEe. 19--Winfer Ember Friday. (Fast and ab- stinence). Special Mass for this day, without Gloria or Creed. Violet. Ordinary Pref- ace. SATURDAY, DEC. 20--Win- for Ember Saturday. (Fast and partial absHnence). Spe- cial Mass for this day. Violet. No Gloria or Creed. Ordinary Preface tion of Stan's favorite carols because it is three times longer an Axe. and a Bible" * (M-G-M), Art Mooney; "I sung by the Jud Conlon Chorale than most popular records that Bens on Christmas with Billy May's music, are on d.j. shows. Mary" (Victor), H a r r.y "'Can I Count on You" Stun keeps himself out of the For that reason alone it will Live Again" (M-G-M: second side, because it is not a not fit into radio programming "'Come Prima o satire; it is the real story of very well. Then, it might get itol), Ralf Benedix: Market" * "Spanish Christmas with four favorite radio advertisers hopping mad Leroy Holmes; "All Through carols: "Joy to the World," "0 so it should not have cam- Russ Come All Ye Faithful," "Silent mercial value for that mighty mg Feet" , , Night, and The First Noel. big reason. "StrollMoon, (M-G-M).Al ng DavidH W It is "Green christmas" that It is more of a documentary Thumb's Tune" * deserves your attention. Stun than anything else, and for that (Liberty), Patience HIGH FIDELITY says that the recording of this reason I like it very much. "carols of the number was a project long over- Should you like to reach Stun dinal's Cathedral Wabash Avenue, C hi due on his personal calendar. Freberg to congratulate him on "Themes From the "The indignation that anti- his stand, you can write him in Movies' (M-G-M), Quartet; "Holiday for Dated its writing came from care of Capitol Records, Post den), David Rose; witnessing year after year the Office Box 2391, Hollywood, 28 cert" (Coral), Johnny utante Party" (M-G-M), slow but steady invasion of California. "'Let's Face the Music .Madison Avenue (commercial- Could Be (Coral), Eddie Bergman; (M-G-M), Joni James; "~. Like ism) into Christmas . . . " The chaps who write glowing (Coral), The Ramblers; myself they (advertising men) verses about beautiful snowfalls ners of the World" (Vic vel; "Dancing at the happen to know that commer-never touched hands to a (Coral), David Bee; cialization of an essentially re- shovel, monies Recorded ing the Pontificate of ligious holiday simply does not Time for Prayer (Capitol). (A truly have to be. In my book (in this There is a lot of praying go- Thought for the case the Gospel according to St. ing on all over the world. Every It looks as though Luke) it amounts to sacrilege once in a while a person comes peace has been put --and there ought to be a law. along with a bit of wonderful filters.