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December 12, 1958     The Catholic Mirror
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December 12, 1958

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,ember 195S T H E M E S S E N G E R PAGE FIVE LI ENING IN (Continued From Page 4) other operations that are called transient. The conception, however, is "attributed" to the Holy Spirit for three reasons: 1. It is fitting because the Holy Spirit is the Love of the Father and the Son. It was due to the exceeding love of God that His Son took flesh in the womb of the Virgin. John iii, 16, says: "God so loved the world as to give His only begotten Son." 2. Human nature was assumed by the Son of God into the unity ef Person, not by reason of its merits, but through grace alone, which is attributed to the Holy Spirit. 3. It is fitting that the Incarnation should be attributed to the Holy Spirit, for the term of the Incarnation Was that this man who was being conceived should be the Holy One and the Son of God. Both these results are attributed to the Holy Spirit. By Him men are made the sons of God, according to Gal. iv, 6; just as other men are sanctified spiritually by the Holy Spirit, so as to be the adopted sons of God, so Christ was conceived in sanctity by the Holy Spirit so as to be the natural son of God, according to Luke i, 35: "The Holy Spirit shall come upon thee," that is, upon the Blessed Virgin. "There- fore the Holy One to be born shall be called the uW~:?:~:Ul;r^|J"f Ck~,n| Princess Grace of Monaco gets Son of God." ,aEEVV~= a helping hand from Mother Should it be said that Christ was conceived S the Academy of the Assumption, Raven-!of the Holy Spirit? Yes, for the Holy Spirit has at ground-breaking ceremonies for a new the relation of efficient cause to the body of building and dormitory at the institution Christ. But Christ can in no way be called the Princess and her husband, Prince Ranter, have been Son of the Holy Spirit in respect of Jesus' hu- visit to the U.S. manity, for Our Lord is the Son of God only by Officer Part of UN Delegation reason of His eternal generation, according to which He is the Son of the Father alone. Christ r York.----John McLaughlin, lsented more than $750,000 was conceived by the Holy Spirit as an active .~nt of the National Coun-lraised by U.S. children to principle, but not according to the likeness of Catholic Youth diocesan UNICEF. he rated Na species, as a man is born of his father; therefore was part of a delegation UNICEF is t U " ,-iChrist is not called the Son of the Holy Spirit, atholi( Protestant, and tions Int~ernational Children s though He is the Son of the Virgin Mary, be- Youth groups who pro- Emergency Fund. cause He was conceived by her who supplied the You're suffering from the fever and pain of matter of His conception unto the likeness of species. or SO0 Assumed in First Instant of Conception The Word of God, the Second Person of the Trinity, assumed His human body by means of the soul. In the first instant of its conception, I Christ's human body must needs have been ant- :mated by His rational created soul. Christ's flesh was not conceived and afterwards assumed; but it was assumed by the Second Person of ;the Trinity in the first instant of its conception. The Word of God was united to human nature :and all its parts in the unity of Hypostasis or Person, which means that the human body and soul of Christ existed from the instant of the Incarnation with the one same eternal act of bud forth and blossom, and shall rejoice with joy and praise:" (Many say that the Infant passed in an instant from the womb through Mary's flesh, and she found Him in her arms. The mother suffered no pain.) Christ was born of the seed of David accord- ing to the flesh, and, as David was born in Bethlehem, Jesus too wished to be born there Bethlehem is interpreted as "the house of bread." Christ Himself said: "I am the living Bread, which came down from heaven." We receive Him as the Bread of Life, the Blessed Sacrament. He chose for Himself the time in which He was to be born, as He chose His mother and His birthplace. His birth was suitably manifested to the shepherds by the angels, to the Magi by the star, and to the just by inspiration. Star of BethIehem Specially Created Aquinas says it does not seem reasonable to say that the star which appeared to the Magi (Wise Men) was one of the stars in the heavenly system. It was created by God especially for this purpose. No other star travels as this one did when it guided the Magi. It appeared not only at night, but also at midday. Sometimes it appeared, and sometimes it was hidden. It had no continuous movement; when the Magi had to proceed, it went, and, when they had to stop, it stopped. It could not have pointed out the place where the Baby was found unless it were near the earth. It seems to St. Thomas that it was a newly created star, not in the heavens, but in the air near the earth, and it was moved by the Divine Will. The Magi are the first fruits of the Gentiles who believed in Christ, because their faith was a presage of the faith and devotion of the nations that were to come to Christ from afar, As the Catholic devotion and faith of the nations is without any error through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, we must believe that the Magi, inspired by the Holy Spirit, did wisely and acted Wnig:~h~e~b,r.:i!e~hi~Ph~r~i~t:(C~t first to the shepherds and then to the Magi. St. Thomas believed that the shepherds repre- sented the Apostles and other believers among the Jews, to whom the faith of Christ was made known first, among whom "were not many mighty, but many noble," as is said in First Corinthians i, 26. Reasons Christ Was Circumcised Phony Santa Claus By R~.v. ROBERT E. KEKEISEN Address P. O. Box 1620, Denver, Colo. Does a husband have any ob. llgation to give his wife spend- ing money~ The wife has the same right to spending money as does the husband. The husband, there- fore, should provide his wife with "pin money" unless the poverty of the family is so great that neither husband nor wife can indulge in purely pleasurable expenses without depriving themselves or their children of the necessities of life---e.g food, heat, shelter, and clothing. The moralist Noldin de- clares that the wife "may . . . spend a certain amount on hated by date, so that they fall on that date, e.g Dec. 25, no matter what day of the week it is. The purpose of the declaring of a holiday on Monday when a feast falls on Sunday is purely I i a civic observance, which has a good reason--to giveworkers a day off when they would not otherwise have any. But the Church has her own system of observing feasts, and adheres to that system. It is of note that in the days when practically the entire civilized world was Cath- olic, it was the Church, with her holy days, that gave labor- ers a respite from their toil. Truth, Faith Book Week Aim ' Villanova, Pa.--"Share Truth --Spread Faith" is the theme for the 19th annual Catholic Book Week observance Feb. 22- 28. Bishop John Carberry of Lafayette, Ind is honorary chairman. Urging a proper observance of Catholic Book Week, Bishop Carberry declared that between the covers of many excellent Catholic books lie the truths of holy religion, solutions to vex- ing problems, thoughts for meditation, and inspirations that may change the lives of readers. The Catholic Press Associa- tion, the National Office for Decent Literature, and the Na- tional Councils of Catholic Men and Women are joining for the first time with the Catholic Library Association in sponsor- ing the event All qu,et on the teething front Apply medically4ormulated Nun~Zit Teething Lotion to baby's gums for quick, safe relief of teething pain. A~ all drug counters Toothing Lotion -For tootAavhe, denture irritation, ~teuralgie pains, z,- auk Jot NUM-ZIT Adult Strength. -~* Products O| PU~PAC Corporation $1600 Cash Awards plus 40% ro yal~.~ A I types of mane eripts Invited. For uonte t rules aed detail ef famous eublishiea alae. write for free Brochure RR Psgeant Press, 101 Fifth Ave N.Y. $ existence by which the Second Person of the Trinity eternally exists. It is contrary to faith to assert that Christ's flesh was first of all conceived and afterwards assumed by the Word of God. Christ's conception must be called simply miraculous and supernatural, though, considered on the part of the matter that the Mother sup- It was fitting that Christ should be circum- cised, says St. Thomas, because He thus showed the truth of His human flesh against the Mani- cheans, who said that He had an imaginary body; against Apollinaris, who said that Christ's body was ,unsubstantial with His Divinity; against Valentinus, who said that Christ brought proper recreations in so far as Indeed, this respite was one these are lawful to other reason for the multiplication of women of the same social status holy days of obligation in those and therefore cannot be times. omitted without some stigma" R~li~inuslv it make~ no dif- (Summa Theologiae Moralis, - w-h "t r ---- -- - 1 "" 4 ~ference e he an "mportant vo. n, p. 36 ). teas; falls on Sunday or not, It is an anomaly, indeed, since the purpose of the feast, -there's. I finer relief!- J IT ILL IIIl| 901|$ n it was natural. On the part of the active His body down from heaven, when the ' husband suends tn =;vA ~lnrv t~n C.nd ~th~r di- it was all miraculous. His being circumcised showdd His approval money for his own personal rec~l'yo~'ttlrough-th-e saints,-is Christ was sanctified in the first instant of of that rite, which was instituted by God for the ipleasure, e.g for beverages, J fulfilled. conception, for the abundance of grace Jews. It emphasized that Jesus was from the prize-fight tickets, huntingI sanctifying His soul flows in the very union of race of Abraham. It removed all excuse from the !trips, etc w!thout consideringI e~ FRee =mr,~ TRUSS ~aAVERY " " " " " "n v m m as unmrcumclsed the fact tha~ his wize, ~oo, is 1 2k alns~ ~unaa ~aies His humanity with the Word. Jews for not receiv" g Hi,] I g Y Now there is a new modern Non-Surgical neea oz lawzul recreation ~u~ Christ as man had the use of free will in and it gave us the example of His obedience, i ". I Miami Flu--Ninety-nor-cent treatment that isdesigned to permanently even when me nusoana zs ~o,= r r sinful flesh co recX UpTure /nese ~on-:)urgtcal wear- the first instant of His conception and ever after. He who had come m the likeness, of labstemious as to deny himselfI co-operation is reported among ments, sr~ so cer~in, itha[ve~ L~/e~rnet:de~ ne could merit in the zirst instant of His con- aiu noc reject me remeuy Dy wnzcn sznIul nasa ~such recreation he has no ri~,htl merchants in a cam,~ai~n to end TiricaTe o ASSU a ce S g" . " e y i,~ z- e, for our New FREE Book that gives facts cepUon Christ m this instant was sanctifmd was wont to be healed among the anczent Jews. to den it to his wife J e ~ ~ o according to His own movement of free will By taking upon mmseix me Duroen o~ me ~aw, The ~,eneral rule re=ardin~,l snonse has been "excellent" surgery, and tells how non-svrgica~*y you to God, which movement of the free will is He deliveredothersfromtheburdenofthe Law, the earn men family go%ds islfrom furniture stores car lots may aggin work, ,ve, play, Lnd .~ov%2n.d ,c ~ enloY tire in rne Illanrler you genius, uncoil merltormus, aceordmg to Galatmns iv, 4-5: God sent His Son that the wife may not lawfullylfood stores and li~u0r dealers is no obligation rn " " ' "= Excelsior Medical Clinic Dept H8120 In the first instant of His conception, He be under the Law, that He might redeem spend anything without ~helin the Miami area - ' " ~, Excelsior ~pgs MO received grace not by measure, but greater those who were under the Law, that we might;know!edge of her husband, for/ -. ,ne is ~ne head of the zamny un grace than all the comprehensors in heaven receive the adoption of sons : ~| | have. He as man saw God in His Essence Because through Him we were to be saved, ~e o~fer nanno~~ I ~/ I ~llp I IZlI$IilII=I~ I Comprehensors are the blessed who have the His name was appropriately called Jesus, that t~e ~mpanion~and helpmate of/I "t40/A. ~ D~L 1111: AN W1:K I beatific vision, the immediate intuition of the is, Savior. The angel had foretold this namel the husband, she is conceded by/| ~,| Divine Essence, direct and immediate knowing not only to His Mother, but also to Joseph, who universal custom the liberty i [I SL hhnl oh I through contemplation, was to be His foster Father. the use of goods that the pro-jJ ~ .f~ ~2"~: ~"'~"~"" I ------ Jesus means salvation. Emmanuel, being, priety of her state requires'J| ~ { ~ ~!,I t~w;c#'e I:~,~T~ ~;'w~m interpreted "God with us," designates the cause (Noldin ibid. p. 363). /J ~ ~l~'~! In her little dispensary on Guadal- J & of salvation, which is the union of. the divine Given above are the moral/| ,~ ~k ~.~ canal Sister" Joan prays for | Mary's Purest Blood and the human natures in the Person of God's precepts regarding fam ilyt| a small bottle of silver J Son the result of this union bein that God goods. The relationship oz nus- i The Blessed Virgin is the true and natural,g bo,a aria wife however should~i ~J~ ~.~x-~] ~ nitrate to prevent I Mother of Christ. His body was not brought down was with us, as a partaker of our nature, not' be of'strict mutual ac- i Y/ J%~ '~~ blindness in the new I from heaven, but was taken from His Virgin As the Son of God became man, and was counting, but rather a lave-in-If ~ ~ ~ ~- born babies, i Mother, and formed from her purest blood. She circumcised in the flesh, not for His own sake, spired sharing of mutual ~,~/ ~ | can be truly called the Mother of God. The but that He might make us to be God's through ~i~:~ ~ ~M~% In Kerala, Indm, ~lster ] ,the fastest, most gentle-to-the-stomach union of God and man in the Incarnation took' grace, and that we might be circumcised in the |l~ ) I~| Mary prays for baby J place in the Hypostasls', a term that app'lies to the~i spirit," so, again for. our sake, He was presented 1Fhy is it that some feast days[I ~::2~~t ~/I food for the infants[ relief you can get! whole personality of Christ. Hence there was in the Temple to His Father, that we may learn ~.~ me unurcn are.ce~eoratea on[| ~-~ J'~ }~ .~. who are brought into | ,zue same aay oy rne wee#s every onl one Divine Person m Him but there were to offer ourselves to God St Bede says that He m tw~Ynatures, the divine and the human Maryiwas circumcised that He might show that one y ear thoughothers fallt ou d~lJ ~/ /]~7/?~ff~ the hasp,tat stare g. ] throat, hcadadie, backache, muscular aches and pains-- brought forth a Person, and this Person is thai not circumcised from vine is not worthy ~:eom~ahaern" a~r~ rr~gio sY;~lJ ~F /J~/~'~ Will you be the answer ] z :acteristics of virus-caused colds and flu. And at the first Second Person of the Holy Trinity. It is clear, fez mvme regara, that :s also a civic holiday falls~ .~ ~l/ ].1 ~,~.~.~ .%.% I / . to thousands of prayers . of any of thqse symptoms, you should: says St. Thomas, that the name God can stand ----- on Sunday, the vzwv observance[I ~ ~ ~= ~~J ~ i - like mese for the Hypostasis that has a human and a divine Mary Was Purified u hepz the following days Man-tl ~l~*~g// ~ | 1 Get in touch with your doctor nature." Mary brought forth a Person or a . day. Would not this be proper j| I Hypostasis who is God as well as man. It follows /~UZ /~OZ znrougn ~eea as a religious practice, too, ,ince|l ~~ Your gift to us ~ouay, large or I 2 Get as much bed rest as possible that she can be truly called the Mother of God. Mary went to the Temple after His birth to ~unday is already a religious~| " ""=kk ~ small, will speed desperately J 3 Drink lots of fruit juice It must be said, comments Thomas Aquinas, be purified, not that she needed this, but on /i needed medicines to missions all over the world. The | " unt f a race e La Ju There are ~;wo KlnUS oI zeast 4 Take Bayer Aspirin to reduce the that the Blessed Virgin is called the Mother aceo o p pt of th w. st as the |J r~i~innsripg will thou nrzv for you in thanksi of God, not because she is the Mother of the fullness of grace flows from Christ to His Mother, hays .m me,~aznonc,?nurcn=--|l for"heio:m the -=oo'r ~eoule to-k~now the mercy of i fever and relieve the pain Divinity, but because she is the Mother, accord- says St. Thomas Aquinas, it was fitting that ~I Wa~;eeChrist v ~ v I in to the humanity, of a Person having Divinity His Mother should be conformed to her Son's i.~ e. /I " ~o.a r odn# an to i I tance o taking Bayer Aspirin at the first sign of a cold g . . . are set accord - ~ ~ - liot be over-emphasized. Both diseases, if neglected, can and humanity." humility. Christ, though He was not subjected renee of the lunar seasons|l I ! erious trouble flu especially for it not only spreads Christ was born without pain to His mother to the Law, wished to undergo circumcision and Thus Easter is designated he-'|| Rev. Edward F. Garesche, S.J Pres. i Mary The pains of childbirth are caused by the the other burdens of the Law, in order to set an cording to the incidence of the|| | iaus speed, but can lead to pneumonia, opening of the passages through which the child example of humility and obedience, that He wrnal equinox, i.e when the|| 1'~ /~'~|;P ~/~P~| M;~ ~ ~nr~ ] ~:pirin makes you fccl bettcr fast because it relieves aches is born. But Christ came forth from the closed might give approval to the Law and remove from sun,s enter crosses the equa-|| .eev ~e w v . .:v~,~u ;re;. ~.-. | the Jews an occasz n u torml line De t K, ~ West l'Ith 2treet, l~ew XorK 11, L~ I ~vith astonishing speed and quickly reduces fever as well. womb of His mother, for this birth happened y "o of cal mny. For these |i P" " " | h ofbcials "-men who know r~edicine--have stated that miraculously. There was no violence in the open- reasons He willed that His mother should fulfill Immovable feasts are desig-|! | to take for the relief of painful discomforts of cold or ing of the birth passages. There was rm pain in the observances of the Law, to which, however, the birth, also no corruption, but there was great she was not subjected.--Monsignor Matthew Aspirin brings thc faste.~t rclic~ the fastest, most joy. Isaias xxxv, 2, says: "Like the lily it shall ~mith omach relief you can get. iiiiiiiiii i ii iiiiiiiii iiii ii! THE REGISTER Week by The Catholic Press Society, Inc. :k Street, Denver 1, Colo. Post Office Box 1620 Member Audit Bureau of Circulations Most Rev. Archbishop Urban J. Vehr, D.D Denve~ Rev. Matthew Smith, Ph.D Litt.D Jour.D LL.D Ray. Monsignor John B. Cavanagh, M.A Ph.D Rev. John B. Ebel, Litt.D,Hist.D ; Llnus M. Riordan Flaherty, M.A.; Paul H. Hallett, Litt.D.; Frank Mor- Litt.D.; Art Editor, Leo Canavan, D.F.A.; Contributin~ E. Kekeisen, M.A Litt.D. Archdioceses and Dioceses have editions of this news. Organs as foUows: Archdioceses of Cincinnati, Santa in Kansas, and Denver; Dioceses of Grand Island Reno. Lincoln, Wheeling, Peoria, Altoona-Johns. Duluth, Nashville. Salt Lake City, Saline, Erie, Kansas Tucson, Wichita, Des Moines, Spokane, Pueblo. Steu Lafayette, Alexandria, Natchez-Jackson, Evansvnle El Paso. The Diocese of Dodge City uses the Wichita the Cincinnati Archdiocese also publishes a Daytov Class Matter at Post Office, Denver, Colo. ~42 St. Bernard, Ala.---Benedic- tines at St. Bernard's College have altered a centuries-old monastic tradition. As a result collegians are taking an active ~art in the liturgy of daily High ~Ias~. Particular emphasis is on ~re~ arian chant as practiced by the Benedictines for the past 1,100 years. To effect this program, the Benedictines changed their cus- tom of a separate community Mass in their own chapel at 5:30 a,m. in which only mem- bers of the order could take i part. Now the Mass is offered at 11:35 a.m. in the college chapel. College officials say the de- cision was made in response to !an appeal by the late Plus XII. The Pontiff called upon the Benedictine Order to lead the faithful in a campaign for active restoration of the liturgy to the daily lives of the people. Throughout the campus a new spiritual upsurge is attributed O in directly to the students' greater interest' in the Mass and its liturgical forms. The monks feel the results are well worth the trouble, involved in changing their community schedule. To meet the challenge facing St. Bernard's as a center of spiritual and intellectual life, the Benedictines started con- struction of a new abbey church. This edifice will meet the needs of the community and many visitors at the college. When completed the church will accommodate more than 700 persons and will be one of the largest centers of Catholic devotion in the South. It is being built on the south end of the college campus i " I Sehool authorities note that l the church will be a center fori active restoration of the liturgy.! Daily the monks will be joined by the students and visitors in singing the ancient ritual of the Mass as it was done centuries ago in the early days of the Church. Story Proves Pope's Affection for France Paris.--Cardinal Maurice Feltin has offered further proof of the affection of John XXIII for France. The Archbishop of Paris re- vealed that on the day of the coronation the Pope said to him: "Look, I am wearing the rochet that once belonged to Cardinal Suhard. I wanted to wear it in memory of France where I lived a long time." Cardinal Emmanuel Suhard, who died in 1949, was Arch- bishop of Paris at the time when the present Pope, then Arch- bishop Angola Roncalli, served as Apostolic Nuncio to France. Expert Is Helping Distribute Relief New York.--Joseph Lanciault, who has supervised large crews of natives in almost every part of the world in U.S. military base construction projects, is now representing NCWC Catho- lic Relief Services in Central Africa. with many spiritual remembrances by Sharing in the work of our S.V.D. Catholic Missionaries in Japan and the Philippines. our LIFE INCOME MISSION CONTRACT Never failed an interest obligation Interest rates depend on your age checks are mailed every six months. You receive a reliable income and help our Apostolic Cause. t~ni~nmB i~gmgm~g~nuuunn R Write For Send me information on your Life Income Mission Contract Name Age Further Details Address . Today -- - To City Zone State.