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December 12, 1958     The Catholic Mirror
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December 12, 1958

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1 PAGE ELEVEN 'r|day, December 12, 1958 T H E M E S S E N G E R ] i I " tSSio: ter s Death 1 Mtsstoner Pens Music 0tlrm in Burma t For Vernacular Mass For rt I 8 harao B 1,Taichung, Formosa.--Father ue,ega,e , urma. -- Zau R'p, ]James A. Collignon, M.M 32, of Washington. -- Cardinal-elect] ,~n ~%-,~'~~ " , o[ the Kachin state govern- |San Francisco, a Maryknoll mis- tt, expressed sympathy to|sionary with a music degree Am 1 eta Giovanni Cicognani ~ i~ luraban Fathers on the tfrom the Catholic University in ended more than 25 years of ~ . .a of Monsignor Patrick[Washington, D.C has written service as Apostolic Delegate to 4" e r, Prefect Apostolic of'~the music for Mass in the ithe United States at a farewell [~Z,/2,j~ ~ ~ ~o. ]Chinese vernacular of Taiwan, dinner here attended by more t/~,~ ~ ' ~ignor Usher led the first used by some 7,000,000 For- Waukee.--Whe De c e m b e r than 500 members of the dlplo- /l~']~ O, .of eight Columban mis- mosans. . meeting of St. Boniface's Altar matic corps, government offi- -~fv- "~/~ to Burma in 1936. He Father Collignon began ms Society will be held Dec. 18 in- cials, and prominent members ~ labored in Burma since Mass when the Holy See gave stead of the regular meeting of the Catholic clergy. ~'-" ) 4" l, With only one absence in p.ermissmn to .Mons.lgnor ^Wil~ day which falls on Christmas. The 76-year-old Italian-bran /~~ Years ham ~upzer, lw.~w m~ rr~ Guild 4 will be in charge, prelate was honored shortly be- ~ ~[l "~'v'~.l~ /') ~ t~amoncs m me pre- Apostolic of Taichung, for the The annual shower and din-i fore leaving the United States ~t ~ ~ re now number 13,224 as singing of High Mass in the ha- ner for the Sisters of St. John's,I for Rome where Pope John ~ ~-~ } ) ~. ~t 3,500 in 1937. Live tongue, who have taught catechism and l XXIII will elevate him to the ,~ "~ (~'~ ~ ~ summer school, will be held Sat- Sacred College of Cardinals ~-- ---'~1 ~: urday, Dec. 13. Parishioners are and give him a new assignment. / L.'4: .IAI CI)UNC BLUFFS J asked to make generous dana- He told guests who gathered :J>" Lions of food for the nuns who at the Apostolic Delegation res- ~ ~- have worked so hard for the idence, in the midst of Wash: ~ ~~ ~'~----'7--o,children during the year. A din- ington s famed embassy row ~.~p~.~ ~ ~ her will be served in St. BonE- that it was difficult for him to {~ ~ - face's Hall by the Adel women leave America which has be- ~ ~ lfllTT/Md at noon for the visiting sisters come his "second home." ~e l~e E~U//V|~ / /erry Christmas from St. John s. Earlier, Don Guillermo Se ~nsurance ann " ,aouuw~ , The Christmas party for the villa-Sacasa, uean oz me mplo- ~- matic corps in Washington, and ~: children of Waukee and Adel,Dial 9575 Ambassador of Nicaragua, en- parishes will be held Dec. 20 in the parish hall. " inariam Spanish Priest Cites tertained Archbishop Cicognani Red Oak, Iowa T new officers for St The firms hsted here MOS| U.So Sem r.o, Faith at a luncheon in the Nicaraguan he . ' deserve to be remembered Embassy. Johns Altar Socmty are Hazel ~H~ (~r,~nrl~n II Stewart, president; Carmella when you are dlstrlbutlng R me One o?several insti Madrid- More than 35 per ~,(') t~tm|~ma~ v.~ v ~ v " " ;" anish Catholic emi ~a'~-~'~~' ~'~3c~'~~@~n~ LYIIIi i cent oz ~p " ~ ~ . Quirk, vice president; Marie your patronage in the dlf- . . o "-7 - grants lose their religion, said ~ ~ Stoppel, secretary; and Mary curious at marmng]n r~ome tar Monsignor Fernando Ferris, dE- CHRISTMAS "~'- "- - r zerem lines oi Duslness. ~,~;,~ ~,~a,~ti,n~ of ~tudents for OJ~ Christmas Greetings ~z~zgeram, ~reasure . rector of the Spanish Calhodc ~ ~ the priesthood is the Gregorian Emigration Commission. ~11~~. from ~ ~ y:iv::~:YariAlm ~t Rall:~te~y ~ ~ ~ I. 0. ~t', ~~ ~" POTTAWATTAMIE PEI; RY th~:ewas founded by St. Igna- ~ ~-/~ (J ~ COUNTY COO HOUSE ~ ~UrSgiLOyola haandaStun[::rnC~y ~ .~.~ ///f/~ Dorothy L Chr|steflseflo $~'Tf~" ~'f~" ~f~ "~f~~f~'~;f~'~)~" "~;~ "~ status since it was s c nsti': ~ : Y " CHALUPA- HASTERT ".~///Z ~ 'V~/~ i ~"~';t ~ i Texaco Gas County Recorder "e~ii~$~r~oe~--%~hre;'ee~----%~5"see~----%We~ee~We~eo~-~W ~'*'~''"~*'~'''~ ' tuted b Julius III in 1552 Panama.--St. Mary's Church, Pan-~i~'~//.~ ~ .~/#~1 The university, along with and Oil A.W. B,esendorfer ri as :~ the Cash Pin di P nter tta ama' was the setting f r the mar'riage of Miss Marjorie Hastert, ir~Y//// ~,~ ~ .~,~.l ~/'-- ~ ~1~!~ ~ Merry Ch stm ~ (Pious House of the Broken daughter of Mr and Mrs Earl Has- ~.o,;-----, 2ad & Vine Streets County Auditor mmm~l~mAmm ~-~ Bridge), was expected to re- LeFt, and Edward Chalupa, son of * -'" "" EOUneil Bluffs, Iowa JENKINS & BM/~KbUN u his capacity as Bishop of Rome. Nov. 15. Ma~ ~,ou all have a / ~ John W. Stoufer ceive visits from John XXIII in Mrs. Mary Chalupa of Omaha, on The Rev. Adam rteisz ot l~enox, -- uncle of the bride, sang the Nuptial["~.t~. t~' u le Mer~ Christmas Clerk of District Court f'ilhVr~l rh hlVIUIhllrru i~ The Cash is a place of instruc- High Mass and witnessed the do b - "" ring ceremony. The bride, given in And o Happy New Year Matt WaJsh t.rlKI)LI[I~ rL/lllUu/n ~,~ tion for adult Catholics who marriage by her father, was a~- " ~.~ have not yet made their First tended by her sister, Celine, as maid firms listed here County Attorney Perry, Iowa ~ Communion. It also serves as a of honor and Mrs. Rlta Chalupa of ~ Omaha as bridesmaid, n e b ~ ~ ~ his brother, Start, as best man, and C~||~| II McKEt ZP: 'e to be remembered G.R. Stuelke " ~ retreat house. The bridegroom was atte d d Y e~ ee oez~ ~,~.e~ ~ ~ oo~'~ ~ o ~. ~ ~;.z~ ~2o~ . ,: Wayne Kelly of Woodbine. The ,]lllllfl rE ~el~~~le~le~~~~e I g Susan, were flower girls. Her only ---- m-- You are distributing Sheri]] i l,l ; l l ubilee Mgts Sun bride's two little sisters, Monica and ~,~a )~ttrolqage in the dif- ~ ~ I]~l[ I"II~ I-Io~e Pa~h brother, Francis, served the Mass. ' ~Uf~m:: i . RUG ST0~ Phil Reisz of Portsmouth was ring- jr~ur ! ~t~ nd m lines of business. ,~ Hallettsville, Tex. --- Bishop bearer. Eldred Reisz of Harlan a ' -- E Side Square eason s t, reetmgs John L. Morkovsky returned to Rudy Dvorak of Omaha were the RED OAK, IOWA Red Oak, Iowa his home parish to offer Sol- A reception for 225 guests was held . Ke lV' bk/C'r/ 1V [UMBER emn Pontifical Mass in Sacred in St. Mary's Cafeteria. The couple ~t~'4~~~~ Heart Church in observance of nwlerge. h ~nYedl~taakeaatn~celrthatevt]; i Omaha at 3314 Dresal Street W. Broadway Council Bluffs, Iowa ~ hzs silver 3ubzlee of ordmat on. SONNTAG-OHLINGER The pastor, Monsignor AloEs J. PANAMA.--MIss Theresa Ohlinger, ~Vhere Men Shop and Women Shop for Men ~ Morkovsky, brother of the ldia~gerhtewr fmMrrrae~dt~;s~er:a!~ boO~: ~ Bishop, arranged for the Mass. tag, san of Mr. and . " [] Bu|ldi.g Materials and Coal leTheHan~lwttYvSh:p i f A~3~rfllt ', ~~*~'~ ~~*g~'~'~'~ Dl~]~%r |dI~A ~ study m" Rome. He was ordained Angelinesonntag "wasaS maidbestOf forRichardhis ~ Merry Chrtstmas" ~ C Season's Greetings ' in 1933 in Rome and did two brother. Other attendants were Ellen ,ears of "~ostm'aduate studies Sonntag and Cletus Ohlinger. Don ua 7 ~" ~," Sonntag and Alpin Ohltnger were ~ t~/VlNl= A RfIR ITY NATIONAL BANK " ~=~" ~'~ ~,~* ;-a for his First ushers A rece~tionwasheldinSt " ~ ~ ~ Mary's Cafeteria After a trap to ' ' " ' ~. ~ in Harlan. ~ ~d~d~l~d~ll~k AI~II * n; ~* McMAHON - ENGLAND W. Ann Blyth Will Enact WAVKE .--O. Nov. 2A" .St. eO#e COUNCIL BLUFFS, IOWA," "*~;~ . . . iface's Church, Miss k'atrlcla ,t r tin Mar in Nativity Play England, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. ~ II~A~r ~11 |A~I~ .o, Season s G ee gs Y - Earl F England of Van Meter was W ~ II J'~ ,~ [[~ U ~ Free Parking While Banking ~--~ -- ~I~ Hollywood.--Ann Blyth will married to-James Russell M.cMahon, ~ ~$'VB~'m ~m mum ' ~ take the role of Mary, and Jeff ~on o:f l~r~nal~ad' Mr:l~er~man~er~ippCw~; ~ ~,2" ~ ~ m~ ~ ~ I ~ Chandler will enact Joseph, as maid of honor and Shirley Ham was ~. Complete Banking Service ia I- ~ ~ Y ~ the true story of Christmas is br+idesmaid'~Ph~.~EngMlacnda~oanS the ~ Phone 538 7 West 2nd Street Atlantic, Iowa ; ~ ~ ~~~,~: ~ ~ n llm u % n %11 ~ told on the Family Theater Dee. best man. A,reception was held~n ~ ~ . 4~ 24 over the Mutual Network at ~ne name oz me orme s pareu~n Ma ~ couple will make their home - I,~,~ ~,~ .~, ~,~D~ ~D~ ~ ~ ~~ t='l'h'l=r O A klLg 7:35 EST. pleton. ~.-1--.-~.- . 4, Season's Greetings D 'IL[ rk Merry Christmas ! Geo. Hoagland [ CHAPJTONC AI :ITON J .* .: PERRY, IOWA H Gasoline Alley , 724 MAIN STREET PHONE 7725 MEMBER F.D.I.C. -- $ rv,ce Statnon . COUNCIL BLUFFS, IOWA Christmas Greet!rigs $ Phone 400 -- First and Poplar Sts. BUILDING MATERIAL ii $ Atlantic, Iowa t Wallace Lewis, Manager .~. - ,: ; : ,q ason's Greetin.s " h F' iI I IAI IfiL! KIC KI ; Prescriptions -- . E , ~; . . }~. " Chariton, Iowa ~ = ', Gifts --- Russell Stayer Can&es : : Season s Greettngs , Holiday Greetings From a," COAL- BUILDING MATERIALS rlOICOmD rnormocv The : i -- . ,uA2 '45' The RexaU Store WHITNEY TRUST CO BANK Phone 194 Perry, Iowa . PEOPLES *: , A Joyous Christmas' At" "" " w .* -* -. .* -- .* -. " [annc 10 a I .I l I. partment Stc . r,c, cv Season's Greetinns , Your.Complete = $ ! u -,- runeral nomc : I Kb/ ~ Chor,ton owo ~ oeason s ~reermgs $ Shopping Center, / A"r' I1 % k I A / O A L " Meat Worth Processing Deserves $ , Processmg Well 312 W. Broadway " " E $ Council Bluffs, Iowa Perry, Iowa Season's Greetings 1 i,iCK ,R | Continuous service to our community since :'~' '" 1873 - Phone 95,Atlantic, Iowa + Member F.D.I.C. U{, :: :: :: :: :: :: 103 North Main St. Phone 343 * l l l l 1 1 1 I l i,~ Holiday Greet i n g s ~ ~ ~ ~ ~'~ ~"~ ~'~ ~ ~ ~"~ ~"~ ~"~' ~"~ ****** *******~'*** **********~*~ Chariton, Iowa Christmas Greetings Bluff " from ": from Season's Greetings U Co ncil Christmas Greetings Cass County Court House Savings Bank Benr ett-McD nml Atlantic, Iowa i .Furniture C? ~ ,-,~n~ .~ nl-IK,%l m m,v-- Fred W. Herbert COUNCIL BLUFFS, 10WA County Auditor A ST.ONGB*NKS,NCE,8S6 Furn,ture. Rugs. Carpets and L,noleum ATE BA I, Laartz i County Treasurer Always the best in banking service Perry, Iowa Phone 1010 Charlton, Iowa Ken Jones Complete Commercial Banking Member F.D.I.C. Sheriff l{e~ber Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation