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December 12, 1958     The Catholic Mirror
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December 12, 1958

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Atchmson, Kans Colleg Grind -,-. i)i ))))| ! ' " R ords Best Season in 36 Years ]we want. Our lives a:l thltimore !,~ ~ ~ ~i) i ~ The day after the fig treelmarKed by intense fait . ~1 ~, er Carl" H~ BY C J ZECHA ~,~ t ~tJ ~ ~ ~ had been withered at Christ'slof faith is a die o r.praye.r'][~lllOformal c " " I |~ ~m|l~ I| command because it gave nOlwm~nt ~o aP~aySfoW,mr~Zv:~e~ hassuperv Endin its regular schedule of 10 games with a perfect mark of l0 victories, I I1 Ilill !1 fruit' an ineident that we have / "P :b-~(liagpr ra " g m of St Benedict's Colle e Atchison, Kans, llas recorded i shown represented the wither- course mat k win not h ~versit t the Ravens football tea . . . g ' . " . - .- i - . y its most successful season m 36 years of mtercollegmte football. The only other ins of the synagogue as hawng h~.m spmtually:God, who laShtution Rave~ ~eaar~ th~to~an~g~dito, ~Phletweoa c~lmpghgtn gU~Catp~dy~aslth~9193,%~?~m~ ! I~ l~il I !l ~! i{ic:P(i~UapliiiidJ[eU~c~nd/F2:e: i!~:t:a/:i~d:~S He: l{i:ifr 6 Ha~ ' Larr J ~::~ ~ p : n the ( diets, then coached by Y m m ~ ] ]]~ ~ ::~:: !! did it come to wither un sot that we have many needS,~00r, 1 ;1 n and was ~inoer, wno carrlefl luo passes xor lad yarns, anu .au ~ ~ ~| ~iii:: :~: :;: ~ r ~m i ~,~,j Qu~gle~eWOn six, tmd o e, times for a net of 917.yards and one intercepted, i i ~,~|~ ~il i! ii iimmediately?'',/Pe~ml~eln:~uel~Plr~u:~ uT~llibrary Coach ivan Schottel's present/an average of 9.17 per play.i The Ravens outscored their ],~ ~ ~i ~::~i~:ii i i:: Christ s answer was: Ameni ::~=" ding, a Raven- team won the Central In-I Mohlman carried 133 times for a foes 303 points to6 103.ards rusnThey |~ ~ii.::~ ~i ::~! ~ ~i II say to you, if you have faith[m untalns, we turn ~oZn'ma'~mm m eat fi:;,xalta entfacultYd " + llo~,nto Conference (CIC) lnet of 592 yards and a 4.5 aver-made a net of 2,73 y - I ~ |~ !!::!i!i:!! !! i~ land do not waver, not only wfll~ "l:~o. ormlt ~'~h-i'~i(;h~t-h-ird-~oothal][age. Purslow averaged 5.2 on/ing as opposed to their foes' i,|,~ ~iii il ii lYou do what I have done to the~peuu n" ~lgs, and t~i't~e"~t-'~ened'ict-s"l~as won-inl126 trips. Matt Laurich, quarter-(1,325, and 1,062 yards passing ],|,|~ ~ : Ifig tree, but even if you shall~ I-low a Youth Io~+~e.sidence,' "' six seasons atthe back, completed six out of 17hto 924. say to this mountain,Arise, " ~'~uction. 1 Schottel s,Moved a Mountain eft0 Atchison school In 1953, his ~- 4- -~- ~- + I ~ ~ ~ ~! I II and hurl thyself into the sea,/ $ ~~co~'si~ ;.~ ~h +he Ravens l ' I,|,|,i ~,| lit shall be done. And all things| Suppose a boy wants to ~ . won a co championship with k4, ------,--]--- ~----~ ~~ ~ )~::~i ~ ~ ~::~::~i~i::~ i~i~::~ i ~ whatever you ask for m prayer,/pnest, and has to give ~PJ I~,~ Washburn UniversityofTopeka ~m[~||~[;;~,~LU ~,Jg~;~ ~,~J~i| ::i ii ill ilil ]i [bTeh~seViwneg'lY rUn ~halml ~c~ewl~?oth:eca::~ hseteh:Sw~ ~:[|F(~r~ Kans, and, m 1956, won thei i ::i !ii ~ ~i ::!!~] ~ [ ~ n ~ su ort "or ~'-~ ~ A title outrightl . I xxi,IS nelpl g ~o pp L ~'~ ~l ~ ~. St Benedict's played only one ~1|~ A~ M~A#~~~ ~ -I a . F . %,Shown selecting the day of Arts sponsored by Grail to eneourag, [ ~'~ |hismofherisawidowwho~' Y~.~ . " . f 101 I~,~ll~i~ U|| I ,Ullm lO t roll Aria tCSIIVUl works of contempo- the expression of Christian values in the arts.] ~natever lou As~: [ what he can earn). I know S| ---- omer regular season o ", " i I is "T Incarnation " ' ~-^*^-^ +~-; r That/ 1- who Red rary arhsts for the Grail s Christmas Art Ex- The theme of the arts feat va he You Shall Recetve [ who was face to face wltb~ x ~Y PAUL ~Lt~ ~o~': h~'~" ,~:,'~,o,h/ ~t. ~arys ~onege o~ w~.-I ~ac~.~ t m~ /~.o;.-, ~.~ ~" hibit are, left to right, R~bert Rambusch, artist; as Presented in the Visual Arts, Music, and/ + h +;--or on[j b of helping to rear his ~:~ York.- wa~ ~. ~o ~ ~ .- ~- -~"~--|nona, minn a sour-year noerall men, wno ilnlsneu w~uz an ,~^~;~ ~.~ ~ ~ ~ r +~.~ ~.+.] h ~.~ T.i~rafure" / ~ oo ~ .~.~o ~ ~ t~h~ ~ v ;~ ~.~ ,h0 | ~.~ of ~.etm Don Elser, the team wrote out arts colle e for men conducted 11-15 overall . . this occasmn. Mark m g~v . to I g [ :i: :-,~m.~:!i: !ii~:i -- -- - for Rehgmus Art, Boston; and Maurlce Lavanoux, A similar prod, ram Is being held In ehlla-/ :]had lost his mother th~ ~ and Ii no4 won-most recoru, in ,nO/by the Christian ~sromers, o~-I ::~mm~k: : ~ mark ann a ~- ; ~ '-exhibit will be on view'Unnsts answer ,o mm as ~o~-I ~o-f P~ o +h~ ~o o, ,lo,oa in ~nnfests [ I ] :i~: ~ ~^ ~n~e emtor oi ~urgzca~ Arm magazine. A~ me right uuzputa. no uvw ~u~r~ [~^. - ,~ ^,; ; ,~^.~ Amen|Oeam. He worKeu anxlous~lh~." ~s rrag~ -,~ -,~-~ o v--~ zers many sports~ome sin- :~::: :~:::: ~z cum~v u . . B tol hCenter for mw~:n~,xa~,~,~ o "~ B n is Florence Henderson, dtrector of the New in Boston Jan. 5-24 at the o p ' " years tr ins to get int ( enzige but the last was a post-seaso /dents, but basketball appears to/ :~i::: record last I )I sayto you, whoever says to]. Y l~ ~et:~henzi~e" ~lotrthnastWoh~hhotmheYstd::e~t:d/:~ i:: ~:i:~ii::i:!::i bthl~hec N ti:/ ~pe:e~ thns, ~rn::~'eeks Hoh'[r~engmus ~r~. Itth;s~OU: :,t~iAsrei:y and h::~lS~oml~arn~'en~enhWeo:nai!~a::~!!!n!t~! lequah, Okla, 14-13, in the :!i::)ii~;:: :iiiii::iiit at theii: ~:: year with[ Ch Am.%,d~ Y ]not waverinhisheart, butbe-I ~~ii ~::/:;:~:~:~ ::::: y :t:heU~ t 1 ~e~:b t ~tn wi!:i~iea!a hi ~YueS, ] emg ruameu" ne never ~ '''e~taally' tl ~P~i:nre~:s aMt~ 2t2 L ;:::1 iii~i!ii !c!Oilrat )wo ~iew~ROaur~. Urch Has Cays Usea ae en aWse~te ~t~O~Oo~)n~? t r y I o felt that he should be ~n ~ m 1' 10-game season this year shohw:l~:il ling usa cam:1 dy," forward, I ----,--~A--*.~ *A Am ~ k~ ~ q~l,#~|~ lull things whatever you askt e~ee~ai~Q mm m L,u mm e,ass, me coors wer own Jerry Mohlman, halfback froml ! pus. 1 and Ted, Lan-] ju [ummm mm[ LU elm ~ ~v~u ~ ~Im~m vu ]for in prayer, believe that yoult^ him and he would ~ ~li o~ %n: Soe%~atoK:~o'wS::rediO2cP ivn:S)~mTehe :ae?elThe~aar:hreplacid;Yw:Uofa~adtl By PADRZ JUA~ ,~nYe:fthetme?utth~: hat:nl~IteiOi~ of sin above every other~Shamlle teCyve'. ~n:d th~YenShtlull~i:sP!~S~f moping ovelgh~as~t h! sion points. Last season he wasI ~~ s"uad underlyear s regulars, Dave Thies andI Theology /or ,he Laity k~ * lP ] ~." stand up to pray, forgive what-I n~a o~ai~n~ +ha n~flnn'.~ l~ndin~, NAIAI ~~~ ~ ' ~ ~ : ~ ~me Loru Jesus men mey laml ~amer Aloysms ~aoe[u, ~.a l h ,o;,~ o, ,olSZtUauon, nowever, ne con~- 2.~utalned ~::~,rer:'w:~th]21-~o;ntsin ei~,htl ~:" .~:~ Coach Ken]o nn ~ar~sun" ^.~ ] 'l'ne sacramental, work ox tne]their hands on them and theylthe noted moral theologian, l~=.~=~, s~='~ :o~';:~ =:'~:lin prayer and in daily at~! ~ames' "- t Ken Wiltgen Wiltgen's di-]. znm~. w,u ~u ~,;~ ~,~,~,~,: wnurcn. ts the cmez means OZireceived the Holy Spirit" (Acts]gave the following summary of]~.~ ~ ~,u, ~'. "' ' .'.' ~"::;: " ~ lance at Mass and Commt~l~ ~Di/'l$ " rection has mad r in scoring ann r~uoullumg ,a~ comerrm raceon ner mere g y u yo o . mine Other hi h scorin Ravens this e a name fo ed to do the/ g g Jvm, 14-17). /the effects of sacramental grace|ais ~or tve o ur ~tea.~u~'|He asked for the remove - -~"'m' -eason wereg "Jim Purslowg full ~tself" m" recent years. Wiltgen'~lseas n, and expect |~ers . . . . [ "For all you who have been lproper to each sacrament, m" ad-[Bu~ ix you uo no~ ~orglve,Ithe mountainous burners" ~e~$e ~y~ o,","n 1954 same this year, was sewre~y h sacramen~ is an oucwara neimer Wilt your ~amer in " " o uau " k came to St. Marys ~ . ba tlzed into Christ, have put dttmn to the sanctifying grace . stood m his wa and 1 1~ aback,54, Fr:d Finder, h aulf:r~r,/Since that time he has con:lburned about the feetm an ac-ls,gn instituted by Christ to g~ve/oaPchrist, (Galatians iii, 27). /that is common to all: /heave n, forgive you your of[Ibehold in the ~ollowin~ &~ .~:~ ~'; "-'" "~"" ~ " " hleticro eloent ann is sluellnefl zor two grace. Man is composeu oz ootn, tenses. (bee ~vtatmew xxl, so- - "~u Dal~ ho~lr aA l~lvnn eomnleted 46]ducted the entire at P -I I For this reason I admonish]The effect of the grace of] "[tember he was zn the se~i~l~g~~+Da~ -- - r n an out or tnree weeks ~,a~.l~,u vw~c~u DOily ann1 soul ann ne is con zz, anu Mark Xl, ZU ZO) . 0 ~ tflOUS tn~er:~'ptgdrusher on the squadtPwli~gUa~de~pt to overcom~eJdraw:Jper~i:t~'.th~?ef~12eUPv::~llIs methmg- we cannot see Butlthe Holy Spirit" (Titus iii, 5). ]This habitual grace, moreover:Jneed of telling a real mountainlMohammed,s, who told a~V~e~.he.~!~ - ]pr u u.y . . . |u; was wise zo nave ~.~ g~ven~ Habitual grace is common toJ~ives the bantized nerson thelto rise and hurl itself into theltain to come to him and ~J ~ll(~.' ~ a'l times m earl season con~ests, throu n ceremonies ~nat we o ~ - . " - . . . oar " wins and no losses and won the Central Intercollegiate Confer- opponents, v o t e d Tom Huhn not itself sufficient for a sacra- sacrament of spiritual strength Extreme Unction is to take away lion; they are, m o r e o v e r, works which the Father ence (CIC) crown. Mohlman, from Seneca, Kans scored 102(center from Fort Wayne, Ind. ment, which needs what we call and maturity; the Holy Euchar- the remains of sins, to alleviate adapted ~.o all intelligences," as- given to Me to acc points on 14 touchdowns and 18 conversion points. He carried as the squad's most valuable a form. We cannot simply pour ist is divine food that we need the soul of the sick person, serts the Vatican Constitution these very works that I the ball 133 times for a net of 592 yards and an average of 4.5. player for 1958. Huhn was an water on a person and consider for spiritual nourishment; Pen- to strengthen his confidence, to Dei Filius, chapter iii. witness to Me, that the has sent Me. And the Flynn, a native of Atchison, completed 46 passes out of 100 All-Indiana Collegiate Confer- him baptized, but we need to ance cures the spiritual sickness render the inconveniences of his Miracles of Christ Himself, who ha} sent attempts, including 10 touchdown tosses. His yards-gained total ence selection in 1957. on aerials was 937. Ivan Schottel is the coach, Ralph Nolan, Coaches Last Longer: Since assistant coach; and Dick Senecal, freshman coach at the col- 1913 the University of Illinois lege, which is staffed by the Benedictine Fathers (See story has had eight presidents but above) only two football coaches, By PAUL H. HALLETT use a set formula of words to acccompany the application of the matter. In any sacrament we can always find both the matter and the ~orm. The form is that part of the sacramental rite that determines its mean- ing and gives it the power to realize that meaning In its Decree for the Armeni- ans, the Catholic Church said: p s ba'l un r "le " " "n "All these sacraments are per- sycmcal rnenomena, oy ~ev }secono pare ne conslaers mell pro ~ y p ovao out ] -, ' " " i " ists that it se m . . zec~ea oy r n r e e consu[uems, Reginald Omez, 20th Century[present state of Bzbhcal crt~-s e s an mdlspen-. Encyclopedia of Catholicism]cism in relation to the Penta-Isable hypothesis, not opposed to tan~t ~or~y ~mtgs ~S:mne a~tt~r series (N. Y. 11, 70 Fifth Ave [teuch, the historical and proph-ltheology or philosophy. He tri- . '. .~ me person o~ me minister, wno Hawthorn Books, $295) l etical books of the Old Testa-lumphantly shows that science " " o i roy comers me sacrament w~m the Is there a scmnce of the mar-]ment, the Gospels, and the other[cann t d sp e the descent of - ln~enuon oi U'olng wnat ~ne velous? To determine the val-[books of the New Testament. Iman from a single human paw - "o "f an of th s idity and approximate bounds [ He explains the difference be- I . . i~nurcn n. es; ~ y, e e A Km dora an emmems ~s mcmng, me sacra of h ~s h ob tween textualand hterar g d a CrossSt , the parapsyc ic" t e jectI . " y,I"" ~ " I " ~ "Imon* is not roalized " of this instructive little book]higher and lower Biblical(~ttpnonsus ~guom, by Heiene "=." " ~ "; . " 'Ma-aret"Mil- aukee Bru-- I ~or a sacrament mere mus~ ather Omez first c,tes wnat lcrluc~sm ana snows now earlY l g t w,c~, " " 3 75 oe a vzsmm sign tiou otten con- has been accomplished by the~the critical study of the texts~$ ). I " . . HeleneMa are bes kn n ~ers grace w~mout a mgn, as pzoneers m the field of para-/began. He exposes the error] g t, t ow I . . - wnen ~e Jusunes a sinner wno psychology, (clmrvoyance, tele-~of those who m~stake their own]for her flctmnahzed biographyI ~ ~. kinesis, telepathy, etc.).~misimpressions for the literal/of Father De Smet, which up-.~ ~". ~;~:' .~')." ":~' Next he examines the subject [sense of the Bible or read their~peared in 1940, is a master ofl~ o~e'a~::cr~2~e~:te:vPr ~SSg~ matter and methods of psychical|preconceptions into the text. /th~s ~orm. Here she uses it to l nod effect 1 me sacraments a ~ s o c o n x e r research He shows what un-| Above all he demonstrates]g "n depicting the lifel of th grace ~u me sacramental s~gns imaginable pains have to be[that Biblical criticism, with all[ e great 18th century moral-[ "" i " " ~ts rods has u set nothln ex ~st and founder of the Redemp were instl~uteu oy unr sL ~or taken by the researcher in the~" " ' P ' g "[" - . "Ion1~ God can ~ive to material paranormal to avoid trickery,|cept misconceptions that have]torlsts. ) :i.~. .~. ~ ~ ~;~ +,^ conscious or unconscious. He[arisen down the ages and false] The story begins in Naples,|~mu~ ~ ~u v~yo~u ~,s-.~ ~.-~ power ot prouucmg grace m ~ne makes the important point that[readings that do not affect in[when the young Alphonsus was] ' about to embark on a c~reer inms o u I Tne sacraments receive a person llKe irneresa r~eumann/me slightest wnat we actuauy| |. . " . . melt power ~o g~ve grace may suffer from hysteria and[believe. /the law. Everyone knows thel * * courtroom em rr s m through the m e r I t s Of Jesus still have solid virtue ~ 1 ba a s ent that/ unns~ ~oa uses me seven sac In discussing psychical re-| The Origin of Man, by Nicolas|made him turn to the religious[ - " '"or*e 11 70 Fifth Ave qife,Iraments as instruments to pro- searcn ann renglon me aumor/~ t t,~.* / ~- uuce grace m our souIs shows that the phenomena of]Hawthorn Books, $2.95) Dr. Mag~ret gives a well-[ parapsychology, however mar-] Nicolas Co~te is the nora de[ rounded account of the long and] Texts Show velous, come within the natural[plume of Monsignor Leon Cris.ntempestuous career of this RaM ,-, . .~ zs hfe sh ~ources or (,race order, whereas the miraculous/tiani. In this vol. 29 of section/inn Churchman. H' " owed] is the result of God's special|III of the 20th Century Encyclo-|a constant struggle to overcome~ Tne ouowmg texts, snow t.nat providence. Hence the two can-lpedia of Catholicism he treats]his weaknesses. This man who~tl~e sacraments are ame ~o g~ve not come into conflict, though]of the origin of man as it was[wr te moral theology texts that[us,sanctifymg grace: parapsychologists oftenhave[conceived in early mythologies[profoundly affect the scmnce[ Amen, amen, ~ say ~o you, their prejudices. ]and Greek philosophy, whatleven today had to put up a con-|umess you eat the uesn o~ me A concluding chapter evalu-]modern science has to say of|stunt battle against temptation.[Son of Man, anu urinK his . ales the proof we now have for[ the origins of man, and thel He inflicted many drastic pen-[ blood, you shall not have life in the existence of paranormal]origins of man according to the[ ances On himself. (you. He who.eats My f!esh and phenomena and predicts the|Bible and the teaching of the[ Helene Magaret has written|urmKs my moou nas me ever- continuing usefulness of para-[Church He avails himself oflan inspiring -story of a coura-]lasting and I will raise him up psychology. [every source that may throw)genus priest. |on (John vh5-.55). * * * "R e c e i v e the holy ~plrlt, |light on the mystery of humanl ] " Biblical Criticism, by Rev.]origins. [ More Brother Juniper, by[whose sins you snau ~org~ve, .Jean Steinmann, 20th Century[ In analyzing primitive my.)Father Justin McCarthy (N.Y.]they are forgiven them; and Encyclopedia of Catholicizm[thologies the author notes the122, 575 Madison, Doubleday, $1).]whose sins you shall r e t a i n, series (N. Y. 11, 70 Fifth Ave ]universality of belief in a Su-] Father McCarthy won note in[they are retained" (John ix, 22- Hawthorn Books, $2 95). [preme Being, although no an-(the religious cartoon field with]23). "Now when the apostles in In the first part of this 120-]cient people except the Hebrewslhis inimitable character of|Jerusalem heard that Samaria page volume Father Steinmann] had a clear idea of creation. ]Brother Juniper, the whimsical]had received the word of God, : follows the history of Biblical[ Monsignor Cristiani assumes]little Franciscan friar. All the)they sent to them Peter and : criticism from Origen and St.[that man made his appearancelsketches in thissequelare[John. On t h e i r arrival they o Jerome to Father Lagrange,labout 400,000 years ago. He ad-[ | : whom he calls the greatest of[mits that the evolution of man sI ] "modern Biblical critics. In the[body has not been proved andI | of sin committed after Baptism; Extreme Unction strengthens us when we are dying; Holy Orders gives the powers needed by the clergy of the Church for their work with s o u 1 s; and Matri- mony provides the graces needed for the married state. illness less disturbing, and even sometimes to restore health of Were Outstanding body, when this is expedient for Christ Himself worked ~re- s a 1 v a t i o n of soul; to give quent miracles in His public life, strength to repel the last letup- consummating them with His tations, and to confer the right own resurrection from the dead. .to the helps proportioned to He worked at least nine mir- I these effects, acles that are classified by ex- borne witness to Me" 36-37). Again: "For which is to say, 'Thy sins are fc thee,' or to say, '/.ri walk'? But that you may that the Son of Man has on earth to forgive He said to the paralytic, take up thy pallet and There are sacraments of the dead and sacraments of the liv- thy house ' And he aro~ ing, accordingly as they confer went away to his house" sanctifying grace on a soul that ~ .~ ~ " "n v- has been without at, or szmply they may perform them wRh of bread, and also m two i - increase sanctifying grace. The due piety; and to confer the stances brought about a miracu- on-t~e~a~e~m ~inu[ct~ l~. ri ht to the hel s s uit e d to lous draught of fishes. Twenty . y i soul ~s dead to the hfe of g P " ~ ded of ga~e m~racms a~ sucn snr~ " " se effects specm~ cases are recur heaven w ~ t h o u t sanctifying the . ~ Lourdes or St Anne de "The effect of the race of ~lS mlracms o~ neanng,~ ant/,al grace. Baptism and.Penance are g there are references to many pre s, and,she ways fl me sacraments o~ ~ne aeaa oe- watnmony is m restrain ms- other cures in this class that ~ne memcai pro~esslon cause their chief purpose is to ordered concupiscence, to give are not described in detail Three in the investigation, just give the supernatural life ofu strength to sustain the burdens cases of His resurrection of per does in beatification and c state to re d zatmn cases If a cure ~s sanctifying grace to souls that of the married, P - sons from the end are described . !( ." .= ' u ~o De suoaen ann cer~aw are s lrztuall dead m sin. Orl - serve conjugal fazth, to rear the bemdes the Sawor s own res r- . inal ~in is onYevery soul until gi children in the Christian man-rection. The message of Christ no n amra.~ cause ~or "~cl ,~ne Lmurcn OIIlClally oe is remitted by Baptism. It is seri- ner, and therefore to confer the to John the Baptist s.d~sc~ples a miracle ous enough to bar the soul from right to the helps that are ne,ces- ~a[~y rmsen~SaPU~nCal~:s s~ne .-, : heaven. As for Penance, by no sary to fulfill these duties, scholars thin~ there were other uouncl$ ~oroaae means all who go to Confession ,~r/~u~ ~ or cases than the ones specifically Sweel infl Doubt rr s are guilty of mortal sins, and ~. ~n, spoken of. ~ho xro+;~o, ~,~,ncil hence their souls are not dead /~y ~etormers A m~racle has been defined s in " re di nounceo anathema on m me sense o~ no~ navmg sanc- The Protestant reformers of an .ezzec~ wroug.n~ enn~teU~l of who would say that no m~ tlf m race But Penance for rec~ty Dy ~OO, moep y h ntur made sen can be erformed or tha Y" g g " the sixteent ce y "" " " and as of such a P ' ! natural powers, er~ gives venial as well as mortal ous errors about the sacraments, o ~1 cannot be known with c sins and it also increases sanc- . character ~na~ man reas nav:y ,and the result ~s that t o day ]concludes that God Himself is or that by them the tifying grace in the soul that al- their spiritual children admit ,the immediate and direct cause rng~ot oe f-rl~n~, uruv~.t-he-ChrIst-ianef' ready possesses it. Persons who only two---B a p t i s m and the ;of the effect. An example would g Y P .~ frequently go to Confession Lord's Supper. As the Parente be the sudden cure of blindness Prophecy is the certal~ often have only venial sins to Dictionary of Dog ~atic Theol-[or of leprosy, telhng o.~ ,~u~ure even ~ ," " " I c a n n o I; oe Known Dy *' tell, or.tell again a!ready con- ogy says: The peaceful posses-I Real miracles are divinely means. In the Old Testa~ fessed sins ~rom tnew past n~e. sion of this doctrine" of seven! h~ rn~d~ ~n~wn the' Conflrmahon, Holy Eucharist, sacraments by the Church, Hrq, Scrn, ture God, not always by fore Extreme Unction, Holy Orders, ifruit of many centuries of re- v )~ bJ . the future, but often~'~ and Matrimony are sacraments'flexion on the data of revela-[ T~[[ J] holding the law of God, m~.~ m, ~ ~, ~.~ * 1 kin of the living because their chief ition (cf Romans vi, 8-11), was pos ng and rebu " ur ose is to ire more ace to disturbed by the sixteenth cen-I 0ur sorrows and afflictions Prophets delivered God s p p g gr me o mg to men m the na souls that are alive in sanctify- tury reformers, who denied that I are known to God--Lord, all my " " o s h sacraments of the New Lawldesire is before Thee, and myr,~ ~ ~,o~oMany o f t h e e v oe ln~race. Ordinarily one g e t e, to-Confession as preparation for have the dignity of being causeslgroaning is not hidden from ~on'~S~eforeeHis'~fi~e a~A i reception of a sacrament of the of grace and considered fhem to I Thee (Ps. xxxvii 10) fulfflleg" d by Him. Provh :living. A person who knowingly be m e r e symbols excmng ~o] the sense of foretelling :receives a sacrament of the lie- faith (Luther), or pledges of~ Life belongs to God Himself has often been found in 'ing while in the state of mortal divine benevolence (Calvin), orI--See that I alone am, andthere There are propheciesr~ sin commits a Sacrilege. identification cards of Church is no other God besides me: I New Testament still re